Can someone show me the new ship, lighthouse and fort upgrades?

Discussion in 'Spoilers' started by Machop69, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Machop69

    Machop69 Crew

    By the way, I am Pirate Hall 7. And I saw the top player have the maxed ship, fort and house, but I want to see the level 6 ship, level 5 lighthouse and level 4-5 fort. Please I need to See them!
  2. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Fort 4

    Lighthouse 5

    Ship 6
  3. WinstonCOV

    WinstonCOV First Mate

    It seems like there will be a level 7 ship. I haven't seen one yet, and I'm not even sure if you can upgrade to it yet. Is there a screen shot of how the ship will look? I'm not a big fan of the green rhino. I want to upgrade to a level 7 ship as soon as I can, especially if it looks pretty cool.
  4. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Ship 7
    Fort 5 and 6
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  5. Image hosting please!
  6. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    imgur is over capacity at the moment (which is why I used postimg for the second post), is it giving you issues loading them?
  7. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    I don't like that Fort 5 requires PH9. I could see Fort 6 needing it, but I don't get it. We have 7 LP's right now and they make it so you may not even be able to even hold all the LP's come Friday unless your near max level (assuming 2 new ones, which they probably won't be anyways) beyond the Silo issue. And it's also annoying that we can't remove LP's. We basically take the LP's blindly and now unless you are max'd out you have LP's wasting space that you don't even use and can't replace.

    Between the PH upgrade and then the Fort upgrade to 6, you're looking at 2 weeks of upgrades just to get a new LP. I would have not even gotten Caesar had I not gem'd the Fort upgrade to get him. Considering right after we got Fort 4 the trade ship arrived with a new LP.

    "Yeah, yeah, just upgrade to PH9 already...". Lol. Hey, I'm only 92 days into the game and I'm nearly max'd at PH8 levels.
  8. Bou Regreg

    Bou Regreg First Mate

    TBaggins, if you are not PH9 why are you worried about having all of the LPs? ...Today? I felt so much better when Ching came out and I didn't rush things to get her. The three or four week wait allowed me to focus on the other more important things like upgrading my academy.

    I missed getting Caesar because my fort hadn't been upgraded. No searching for more mats to fill my silo, no spending of BP on a seventh LP (I still have yet another academy upgrade), no stress of having too many things on my to do list!
  9. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    We apparently think completely different on the issue. Everything costs more at the higher levels, recruiting, guild perks, upgrades, etc... And the loot from battles is less and less. It makes more sense to upgrade as much as you can at the lower levels when loot is easier to come by.

    Also, I don't get stressed about upgrading. It's all part of the game. That's what I like about it. I'm going to explore and get streaks, anyways. Between the Fort and Silo storage issue, they are just asking us to throw away important items we spent time achieving. You have to remember, just cause you aren't specifically searching for a specific item doesn't mean you can't accumulate it. Chests are totally random. Or you might go after a creature/ship for a certain common item and actually win a different uncommon or rare item that you didn't need.
  10. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Loot is pretty easy to come by now :) its very easy to find a PH7 with 600k+ and get an easy 3*.

    What is being suggested for items you aren't searching for is to go in and delete them, so they don't take up slots for the items you are searching for. Its a shame we have to waste so much, I'm not opening any more chests until silos are increased, but if you're in a rush to max everyone out, the only option is to delete stuff. A new silo level will happen, probably in the next update.

    As for spaces in the fort, I'd suggest leaving any open spaces you have open for when a rare pirate appears, and wait until hitting PH9 to collect the common ones. Save room for Sadie Bart Ching and Blackbeard. The others will inevitably show up again and again week after week, probably amidst tons of complaints about repeats. You probably won't have to wait too long before seeing any other LP again if you have to pass on it for not being upgraded.

    Let it be another incentive to finish PH9 asap though! :)
  11. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    See I only have 1 slot left. That's why it's an issue. Why do we need the last PH (currently) just to get 6 more slots. 6 slots. Lol. Not 2 or 4. I mean, if I could remove a few I have now, it wouldn't be so bad. I really have no use for Cornelius and Ceasar after trying them. Even Mack isn't too useful until he gets upgraded really far, but I probably wouldn't drop him. I have all current LP's now.

    Skye, I know you're all about dropping rank, and I don't have an issue with it, I just find it a hassle. Unless you always select rumble opponents, it hurts your rumble scores. Sitting at PH8/9 and above 400PR, loot starts getting slow to accumulate. I really don't mind dropping rank every once in a while to get a quick loot infusion, but that is still an after thought to the real issue. Fort and Silo storage. Hitting PH9 also makes dropping rank to get streaks that much harder now that you can only battles 2 PH lower again.

    Had Fort 4 gotten 4 slots instead of 2, it wouldn't really be an issue. I could deal with getting the last 4 slots after PH9.
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  12. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I'm surprised it wasn't at PH8 as well, but its just more push for players to upgrade :)

    Until rank starts to become incentivized (hopefully in the next update or two), there is zero reason to go up high when trying to upgrade things. You will score better at lower ranks (unmaxed bases give equal points and are faster and cheaper to defeat), you will get more loot, you will get attacked less. Its a huge hassle, but without gemming, you can easily max your stores in a day. Forcing yourself to try at a higher rank is just shooting yourself in the foot. If you're having problems at 400, its because you choose to stay at 400. If thats what you like, thats fine, but it would be a lot easier down lower, and the only reason its taking so long is because you're intentionally giving yourself a handicap.
  13. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    That is true, cause I honestly wasn't in any rush to get to PH9, like I was with PH7 and PH8. Now I kind of have to if I want the LP's.

    My current attack and defense level would keep me at low 400's, naturally. The real loot is between 100 and 250 from what I've seen. Going from 450 to 100 can be tiresome. Lol. If I'm going to drop on purpose I want some decent collectors out of it.
  14. Bou Regreg

    Bou Regreg First Mate

    Loot from may believe that, but my experience says otherwise. A 315 base is the same at any level, but easier to tackle when you have well trained troops.

    As for buildings and upgrades costing more at higher levels, the cost will stay the same whether you are PH8 or PH9 and it will cost the same whether you buy it today or next week or next month. The same goes for LPs no need to rush out and get them and then upgrade them.

    Better trained troops do cost more and guild perks are more expensive. But as I was saying you don't need to rush these either.
  15. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    I'm not talking 315 bases. Thats a minimum level attack. I only bother with those when I'm dropping rank on purpose. Hit those and surrender.

    My guild rumbles every day, so 315 bases offer no incentive other than dropping rank. That's a big reason why I like keeping my PR higher. Maybe it's from the matchmaking changes, but when my PR is lower I see alot more lower islands, which have considerably less Plunder Points. I still see the rumble rivals for the good 400-600 points, but its not so common.
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  16. Bou Regreg

    Bou Regreg First Mate

    Then Skye is right, you are handicapping yourself.
  17. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Fighting a rank 100 PH9 that has lv 5 walls and 600k gold in his stores with a 90k grog army is a lot easier for both loot and for rumble points than sitting at 400, fighting a rank 400 ph9 with a 400k grog army, risking only getting 2*, fighting half as often, and getting half as much loot.

    Loot is just as easy to come by at PH9 as it is at PH8 (probably even easier now that you don't have PH6s taking up half your matchups), and that loot will be cheaper, faster, and easier to obtain at a lower rank. And less of it will be stolen back from you. And you will get more plunder points and faster streaks in the process. A rank 100 ph9 is likely easier to beat than a rank 400 ph8, but it gives more points.
  18. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I've found someone with at least 700k within 1 minute of searching every battle since the matchups were changed, since sitting low makes it super easy to find those weak loaded bases now. And almost every attack I fight is a 3* against a ph9, with an army that costs a quarter of what I need up high, and recruits in half the time.

    If you want to be competitive in a rumble, thats yet another reason not to be up high until they start factoring PR into points.
  19. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    That doesn't even make sense. You understand the point of a 315 base, right? It's all in the collectors. Taking a full army to a 315 base is the biggest waste you can do. You hit the collectors and quit, hopefully with only a couple gunners used. Doing so means you're getting probably ~80 Plunder Points. That is a massive waste of time when you rumble everyday. Especially when you can be patient and get islands that will still give you +200k after recruiting costs removed and get +350 Plunder Points.

    Saying playing the game the way its meant to be played is handicapping yourself just shows how flawed things are.

    Overall, I enjoy the game immensely, the Silo and Fort just make zero sense to me.
  20. TBaggins

    TBaggins First Mate

    Skye, you have to remember I'm PH8. I see alot of PH6 islands when I'm at a lower PR. That doesn't help me rumble.

    I find no enjoyment about hanging out at 100-250PR.

    My army costs 300k. I'd love to hear this 75k army that can beat easier PH9 bases for 3* on the regular. Lol

    I still see bases that can give 600-700k of gold or grog, but back when I was PH7 200-250PR, I could hit islands for 1 million gold or grog a few times a day. The only time I see that now is fully max'd bases with designs I honestly can't take at my level. Those last lvl mortars and towers do a number on my guys.
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