Cheaters again

Discussion in 'Battle Bugs' started by Capt_B, Jul 11, 2021.

  1. Capt_B

    Capt_B Powder Monkey

    Hi Lynsey, any updates on this? Have heard nothing from support since my original ticket. Thanks a lot!
  2. skunkbab

    skunkbab Powder Monkey

    I received this


    Apologies for the delay; we like to check everything thoroughly before taking action.

    On this occasion we have removed both 'doherty' and 'Jenderal' from the game. We strive to maintain a fair playing environment and appreciate you taking the time to
    inform of your concerns.

  3. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    The banhammer has been wielded!
  4. Unique Rebel

    Unique Rebel First Mate

    Rock'n'roll Bradderz have been dealt with, we love you Lyndsey Midoki. Thank you from all
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  5. Capt_B

    Capt_B Powder Monkey

    Awesome! Thank you Lynsey for following up on our concerns! It means a lot! Thanks also UR and skunkbab for jumping into this thread so I knew it wasn’t just me.
  6. Unique Rebel

    Unique Rebel First Mate

    Soharto gamer name changed to [MYTH] atEnripath. Is trying to enter top guilds, also known to cheat. Please all be warned and keep your guilds and gameplay safe/secure. Wishing you all well
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  7. Black-ish Beard

    Black-ish Beard Captain

    Thanks for dropping by and warning us of this!
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  8. Unique Rebel

    Unique Rebel First Mate

    Anytime for those that be worthy, I'm always working against cheaters Hackers and people that enjoy taking advantage of others. I still got my sights on a few. Pirate detective is here and waiting, wishing you all well. Keep smiling and shining in gameplay and real life
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