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    What are ‘Legendary Pirates’?

    From Pirate Hall level 4 and onwards, players will be able to obtain 'Legendary Pirates'.

    Legendary Pirates are unique, individual pirates that are particularly notable due to their skills and abilities. They travel the seas on the Trade Boat, visiting worthy islands once a week. With enough resources, you can persuade these Legendary Pirates to join your cause and recruit them into your crew.

    Unlike the regular pirates, once you’ve recruited them, they’re yours - to send into battle, to protect your base, to upgrade, and to dress up in fancy outfits.

    What does a Legendary Pirate do?

    Once you have acquired a Legendary Pirates to your island, you can put them on active duty. When active, they provide you, their esteemed Captain, with additional options for both attack and defence.


    When attacking a Rival Captain’s island, the active Legendary Pirate is deployed in the same manner as the regular pirates - they are placed in the water, and will move towards their preferred target on land.

    Each Legendary Pirate has their own set of skills and behaviour - for example, Ching Shih will target defences such as cannons with her standard melee attack, and has a special ability that buffs troop and calls them to attack her target, whereas Mack McKracken will rappel around the island at speed, targeting resources, and has a spinning claw special ability.

    Legendary Pirates cannot be killed... but they can be knocked out!


    When your island is attacked, your active Legendary Pirate will protect it via a range of buffs. Each Legendary Pirate has their own sets of buffs - some may increase the damage caused by particular defences, others may reduce the amount of damage taken by attacking pirates. Some buffs are island-wide, and others are ranged based, centred on the Legendary Fort.

    How do I buy Legendary Pirates?

    Once you have built a Legendary Fort, the Trade Boat can come to your island. Once a week, the Trade Boat will visit your island for 48 hours. Selling rare and useful things, the Trade Boat will also often host two Legendary Pirates, who can be persuaded to join your crew if you pay them Battle Points, gold or grog.

    One of the Legendary Pirates will be the same for the entire player base, and the other will be from varying selection, so not everybody's Trade Boat will have the same contents! Some Legendary Pirates are rarer than others, some are more common.

    Each Legendary Pirate has a different price. Once you have bought a Legendary Pirate, they will be transferred to your Legendary Fort.

    How do I select an active Legendary Pirate?

    Once you have at least one Legendary Pirate, you can can set them as ‘Active’ by visiting the Legendary Fort and opening the door of their cell… as long as they have enough Stamina. Only one Legendary Pirate can be active at any one time.

    Can I dismiss Legendary Pirates? I'm worried that I won't have enough space!

    Once you have purchased a Legendary Pirate, they take up permanent residence in your Fort. Don't worry though - a fully upgraded Fort will always have enough space to hold all of the currently available Legendary Pirates!

    How does the Legendary Pirates stamina system work?

    Each Legendary Pirate has a Stamina bar. This is separate from their health bar that displays their hit points during attacks. Different Legendary Pirates have different amounts of Stamina.

    Each time the active Legendary Pirate is taken into battle, or defends the island, one or more units of Stamina is depleted.

    In order to be 'active', and available for attacking and defensive duties, the active Legendary Pirate must have at sufficient Stamina.

    If your active Legendary Pirate has no Stamina left, then they are 'Exhausted', and unavailable for attacking and defending. At this point they need to be placed into Recovery mode to have a well-earned rest and regain their Stamina.

    How does Recovery Mode work?

    If your active Legendary Pirate is Exhausted, you can put them into Recovery mode. You do this by going to their cell in the Legendary Fort and selecting the Recovery option. During Recovery mode, the Legendary Pirate will be taken out of ‘active’ status while their Stamina fully recovers.

    An Exhausted Legendary can also be put into Recovery using the quick re-hire option at the end of a battle.

    Can I switch between Legendary Pirates?

    Yes! Your Legendary Fort can be host to several Legendary Pirates - and the more you upgrade the Fort, the more cells... er, rooms you will have and the more Legendary Pirates you can collect! You can set any one Legendary Pirate to ‘Active’ status if they have sufficient Stamina. Only one Legendary Pirate can be active at a time.

    How do I upgrade Legendary Pirates?

    Legendary Pirates are upgraded via the Legendary Fort. The payment required for upgrades vary from pirate to pirate, but includes grog, BP, and materials.

    Materials are found through exploration and Treasure Chests. The number of skills available to train goes up as the Trade Boat is upgraded.

    What are Outfits?

    Outfits are costumes for the Legendary Pirates. Some are rarer than others, and as well as adding a visual twist to your favourite Legendary Pirates, they can be upgraded to provide valuable buffs.

    How do I acquire Outfits?

    Outfits can be bought from the Trade Boat when it visits each week. The Outfits in the Trade Boat vary from player to player, so not everybody's Trade Boat will have the same Outfits!

    Sometimes there will be discounts on select Outfits, so keep a look out! They can also be found in various Treasure Chests, including the Event-exclusive Dapper Closets.

    It’s possible to get an Outfit for a Legendary Pirate you haven’t purchased - you’ll have to wait until you’ve recruited that pirate to use it.

    How do I upgrade an Outfit?

    Outfits are upgraded by collecting duplicates from Chests.

    What is the benefit of upgrading an Outfit?

    Upgrading an Outfit will add or improve buffs. Some buffs improve the Legendary Pirate’s Toughness or Damage, others improve other Pirates in your crew by buffing their Toughness and Damage, or by reducing their Special Ability cooldown time.

    What happens if I get a duplicate of a fully upgraded Outfit?

    If you get a duplicate of a fully upgraded Outfit, you will get compensation in the form of gold, grog, BP, EP or Gems.

    Are all Legendary Pirates based on real pirates?

    Some of the Legendary Pirates are based on very famous historical pirates. Some of them are based on slightly more obscure historical pirates. Others come from the depths of our fevered imagination. All are Legendary!
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  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    What are Materials?

    Materials are consumable items of varying rarity used in the training of Legendary Pirates.

    Where do I find Materials?

    Materials are items that can be found through exploring and defeating the monsters, creatures and ships found at sea, and in Treasure Chests.

    Where do I store the Materials I find?

    To store Materials, you will need to build a Silo. The Silo will also store any unopened Treasure Chests you have acquired. Upgrading the Silo will allow you store more materials. The Silo can be built from Pirate Hall level 1.

    Tell me about Treasure Chests!

    They're chests full of treasure.

    Oh, more details? Treasure Chests can be acquired in numerous ways, such as being victorious in sea battles when exploring, being earned through events, and by being purchased from the market. There are different rarities of chest, with rarer chests containing bigger and better rewards. Some chests can only be earned through exploration.

    What's in the box? What's in the box?

    Treasure Chests can contain materials, gold, grog, BP, EP and other goodies.

    What if I open a chest and I don't have enough room to store one of the treasures? Say, my grog storage is full, or my Silo can't contain any more materials?

    Before claiming your treasures, you can exit out of the opening screen, returning the opened chest to the Silo. The next time you open a chest of that type, it will be your previously opened, returned chest, allowing you to free up some room and not lose your treasure!

    Can materials and chests be looted from rival captains during battle?

    Nope, Silos can be knocked down but their contents remain safely unlooted.
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