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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Resarf, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. thomssi

    thomssi First Mate

    "Rebalancing" game mechanics is different (you can reasonably expect this to happen when buying gems) but taking something they have pretty directly paid for I can't see.
  2. These guy's didn't reach #1 through just battling though. They reached it by "cheating". Even Green (currently #4) said he got there by exploiting the game mechanics but said he could have done it without exploiting them if he wanted to, which is a bit of a cop out to be fair. It's like Lance Armstrong saying he could have been #1 without the drugs. If he could have, he would have.

    Also these people aren't buying Gems. While they are at the top they have no need to. Look at their bases, they are just sat there with tonnes of grog because no one can touch them. Unless they wanted to attack over 30 times a day they wouldn't have any need to gem troops.

    I'm not saying to strip their rank from them. Let them keep their spots at #1-#4 however bring them down to a PR level where they can be competed against. I can't see anybody saying that isn't fair? It's like saying "you're the best boxer in the world but we aren't going to let anyone fight you to prove otherwise because that wouldn't be fair".
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  3. thomssi

    thomssi First Mate

    We disagree on cheating. I see a difference between exploiting things within the rules and breaking the rules. An analogy would be tax avoidance vs tax evasion. Anyway, not worth arguing about, suffice to say it is a grey area and different people draw lines at different points.

    They may not gem now but they did and they likely spent them on fast tracking troops to attack repeatedly among other things. That is pretty nearly just directly paying for pr which is a foreseeable event, I can see them not thinking it's fair.

    I agree with your sentiments but I would leave the stats alone and change the game mechanics in a future update which could work just as well albeit less instantly.
  4. Virus

    Virus First Mate

  5. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    For a thread posted yesterday? And right at the start of a holiday? that's not really surprising. Give them a few days. Jeez.
  6. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Sorry, been at the gym - it's a bit difficult composing an in-depth (or even coherent) reply when you're bouncing around on a cross trainer with a tiny phone! ;)

    We're aware of issues with matchmaking at the top end of the leaderboard - the pool of possible matches is too small, allowing people to easily find and 'boost' their friends, also giving them free shields. It's not cheating, per se, rather what we euphemistically like to call 'a clever use of game mechanics'.

    The new matchmaking system (where you will only be matched against a PH that's the same or one above/below in addition to PR being a factor) will mean that people at the top end of the leaderboard will have a greater number of people that they can attack - and be attacked by (in addition to stopping lowbie bases getting matched against max level bases). We're also planning on introducing additional rewards, so that having a higher rank is rewarded with something other than just bragging rights.

    We've also introduced a change where a player can't repeatedly attack and deliberately lose to the same island over and over again within a set time period.
  7. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

    Yay! Per Lynsey "We've also introduced a change where a player can't repeatedly attack and deliberately lose to the same island over and over again within a set time period".... Does this mean after attacking and losing to Jimmy numerous times, the AI will let me actually win one?! :D
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  8. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Any ETA on the matchmaking update?

    That's really all we'd need to fix this, allow anyone in the top 100 or something find #1 if they get lucky, regardless of PR difference.

    Leaderboard Rank offset should also be considered when matching, not just pr and ph/defense levels.

    Otherwise, you could theoretically see a ph1 get boosted to #1 by a bunch of other ph1s, and ph8s wouldnt be able to fight them. If you're strong enough to make top 100 leaderboard, anyone on the top 100 leaderboard should be able to find you really.
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  9. lady blackbeard

    lady blackbeard Captain

    Very good of Lynsley to respond under difficult circumstances. Thank you. Enjoy the holiday!
  10. Virus

    Virus First Mate

    You really think moderators only look once every couple of days? Jeez :p
  11. Virus

    Virus First Mate

    @Lynsey [Midoki]

    Thanx for the great response. Good to see these improvements comming.
    But either i dont understand or it isnt the exact answer to the question.

    What you say is the match making System as i understand. The question though is:

    How can the nr 1 player currently never fluctuatie in pr for 4 months?

    The coooldown shield period should make him visible once every 13 days.

    The second question is. If this player cannot be matched, how did he get up there. Bearing in mind that currently i have 2 pr for a 100% win and 25 pr loss when i lose. To get up there from 1000 to 2000 would mean 500 straight wins and no losses. Probably even more because there is a turning point where you only gain 1 pr every 100% win.

    I honestly dont get that
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  12. Virus

    Virus First Mate

    Jimmy's island is faaaar from unbeatable. (Like every island)
    Look for the right entry point and you have a guaranteed 100% ;)

    Respect though how he thought of this design:cool:
  13. Daddy P

    Daddy P Captain

    Once again evidence that you are listening. Thx @Lynsey [Midoki]!
  14. Bl00dBaTh

    Bl00dBaTh Captain

    Like Virus's said in his comment, I'd also like to know how the #1 player hasn't moved for months? How is that possible Lynsey? She's just repeated what I've heard before & not answered the question in the OP.
  15. Resarf

    Resarf Captain

    Thanks @Lynsey [Midoki] it was a common and reasonable question not Midoki bashing.

    It is as we thought, they bounced off each other and are our of reach of attacks now.

    Looking forward to the update balance.

    Personally I think there should no reason you cant find anyone higher than you. Thus the high players would be open to attack from anyone. If the lower guys want to take a shot, good luck to them. More likely the top players will gain rank.
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  16. Jij

    Jij Crew

    Nothing personal but after reading your post this is what comes to my mind.

    "What a shame that those spoiled little rich kids who drop hundreds of dollars on a silly game don't get a chance to buy themselves the number one spot. Imagine someone advancing in a game using the actual game mechanics instead of daddy's wallet (what a concept). And even if a person works for the money, tough cookies. IMHO a game or any challenge should be won and dominated by the best player not by the one who has the most money to throw away."

    I personally rather see a guy who takes advantage of the game mechanics win the # one spot or be in the high rankings than someone who just buys him or herself to the top. That will always make a better gaming challange for all real players, but hey that's just my opinion.
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  17. thomssi

    thomssi First Mate

    In sentiment I completely agree, I would prefer the better players to prevail.

    Two things though.

    As far as Midoki are concerned they were exploiting game mechanics (which will change).

    Secondly, and my real point, sentiment aside, you can't charge people money for something and take it away which in effect just chopping their pr would be. Besides which Midoki are highly reliant on big spenders and doing stuff like that would be suicidal even if legal. There have been links to a couple of articles on this recently. I posted a link to one on the tech section of the bbc website yesterday.

    You can't sell someone a Ferrari and when someone else can't keep up just replace it with a Skoda. You can change the rules later, I.e. impose speed limits which is what is happening.
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  18. Jij

    Jij Crew

    I think you meant to say, THEY SHOULD NOT "sell someone a Ferrari......"

    Unfortunate for us, Freemium game publishers do this all the time.
    And they do it in three easy steps.

    1. They release a cool game. (Ferrari)
    2. Release new content updates, (reving up the engines).
    3. Then the final milking is done by Nerfing the game. (Skoda)


    I know it sucks but it is what it is. I've seen it over and over again..

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  19. Burnz

    Burnz Captain

    Wow, those analogies suck. You buy a Ferrari, or any new car, you realize that the next model year will be better. This is a game, a constantly changing game, they owe us nothing. Whether u spend millions or nothing, they have the right to change it at a moments glance.

    Furthermore, I hate the fact that my guildies can't reach #1, but all that means is that I won't buy gems anymore. There is no point. Midoki people have fixed a lot of problems since this game was introduced, and I thank them for that, this game is awesome, but there comes a time when you need to cut off the fat. And by fat, I mean those at the top. Over 2000, are you kidding me, when number 4 is 1,111 and number 1 is 2,015-, that is screwed up. Sure, they may be creatively using ingame mechanics, it is still cheating in my book.
  20. Evil Rastlin

    Evil Rastlin First Mate

    Pot met Kettle...
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