Snow and rain?

Discussion in 'Event Strategies & Discussion' started by WOLLIMAUS, Dec 13, 2018.


    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Next week on Wednesday should start individual Thunderstruck event. Last year the event got switched, because snow and rain doesn’t fit togehter that well ;).

    Will it be the same this year?
    Do we have individual sailing event instead? o_O

    Thank you @Lynsey [Midoki]
  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    It will indeed be an individual Henry Boggs' Challenge!

    Also, the first event of 2019 will start on January 9th, and will be a Guild Thunderstruck - we're having to skip a week due to the de-Christmassing (and other things) update.
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Thank you very much for your fast reply :)
  4. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Sorry, that was a boo boo, I meant the 9th, not the 19th - I've edited it now!

    Obviously this is subject to change, depending on the update. ;)

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Yup, i was just about to ask that ;), thank you
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  6. NinjaNurse

    NinjaNurse Crew

    Would you care to elaborate on "and other things?"

    New PH?
    Bigger silo?
    New mini-game?
    New map?
  7. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Top level Silo size increased in the current update.

    Yes to one of your other things. ;)
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  8. SkimPappa

    SkimPappa Powder Monkey

  9. NinjaNurse

    NinjaNurse Crew

    Yes, and I'm very grateful. But I filled it again in two days!

  10. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    Oooooo, that's some good news :)
  11. Unique Rebel

    Unique Rebel First Mate

    New game... nice :)
  12. SkimPappa

    SkimPappa Powder Monkey

    I scraped the barnacles off my boat, ready to sail the Southern Seas!!!
    I hope we can earn useful caskets from this map!
  13. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    I truly believe new added features/gameplay enhancements over a new PH is more of a priority.
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  14. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    I still think more battle points should be added to overall rewards, chest, etc. We have excessive exploration points compared to battle points. Some people have 1-2 mil ep that I know and less than 100k-400k bp. (Still with upgrades and legends left to do) If another ph was introduced I myself was have to decide if I still wanna play and grind out the bp to be able to progress any further. When I’m sitting in 1.2m ep and less than 70k bp I grit my teeth when I receive another massive ep reward instead of the badly needed bp. Please consider adding more bp! Perhaps a exchange on the trade ship would be useful or something similar.

    By my calculations I would need approximately 1m additional BP to do another PH. That would max my legends to ph12 levels again and finish the rest of ph 12 upgrades. So I would need even more than that if more lp levels were added :eek:.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
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  15. Oak Island

    Oak Island Captain

    I agree with you @Intimidator 100%. BP definitely takes much longer to accumulate. And also, why do so many things cost BP, and so few cost EP in the first place?? Seems like everything costs some BP now to upgrade. If they don’t add more BP, at least change the next round of weapons upgrades to add EP as part of the cost instead of BP. That would help me use some of the 2.4 million EP I have. They could also alternate the LP upgrades with EP and BP instead of only using BP. Anything to help me spend or even trade my EP!!


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  16. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    Gee, I would love to have more than enough BP/EP to go around.
  17. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    Would make more sense to fund the Observatory with EP instead of BP.
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  18. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    @Oak Island makes a lot of great points. Funding upgrades or even legends with some ep would give it a bit more balance. @MorganFlint totally agree makes all the sense in the world to me. Prob where alot of my BP went was helping multiple guilds fund that thing in my travels. Lack of streaking surely played into it as well but I don’t think we should be forced to streak or suffer a big bp shortage :(when you’ve played the game and rumbled with the best of them for years even. Make no sense.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2018
  19. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    You’re killing me smalls
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  20. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    How about adding another reward to fighting events where you get 10x bp for 3 starring and goes up further the higher rank you go?
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