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Discussion in 'Event Strategies & Discussion' started by acersharp1, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. acersharp1

    acersharp1 First Mate

    Hello @Lynsey [Midoki]

    Just curious - when will we have a use for these unopened chests? I'm sure most folks are opening the ones with the outfit slot - but we are still not opening the materials, grog, gold etc. chests.

    We truly appreciate the updates and the tweaks you are doing but it would be fantastic to have something to use the chests on.

    Thanks for answering :)
  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member


    Most people are opening all of the chests - there's only a tiny number of players (even at the top level) who have upgraded all of their Legendary Pirates, and even fewer who turn their nose up at grog and gold when they have regular re-arming/guild perks/recruiting costs. A few are still sitting on old Useful Caskets (*cough* myself included *cough*) due to silo space issues, which we're looking to address now that players will be getting materials more frequently from a lower level.
  3. Homey DeClown

    Homey DeClown Powder Monkey

    How are players getting materials more frequently? What are the means? Could you elaborate on the source of materials? I have a PH6 and PH7, and I don't know where to get materials from now that streaking is dead.
  4. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Drop rate for materials has increased from Exploration battles, plus lots of Event and Quest Rewards are Strongboxes, Luxurious Booty or Lucky Chests (whereas previously, apart from the Silo and Northern Seas quests, the Quests gave no materials at all). As I've mentioned before, we're monitoring the comings and goings of all resources at all PH level, and will make tweaks if needed in the future.
  5. Homey DeClown

    Homey DeClown Powder Monkey

    But you're pacing us. Well, you're pacing me. I can't overachieve. I can only explore so fast. Events only come every so often. There's no incentive for raiding aside from events. And then, I can only get 2-3 chests for rewards. You've put me on a linear path of progression. You've put me on THE EXACT SAME PATH as everyone else. Don't you see it? This strategy KILLS a game. There's absolutely no way to feel special, or that I've overachieved. The game is now on rails. I'm going to progress exactly the same as everyone else now. I'm going to be exactly the same as everyone else now.

    Cripes, it's like communism for a video game. No matter how hard I try, I'm going to get the same crust of bread, the same cup of water, and the same 3 event chests as everyone else.

    I appreciate your elaboration. Please understand my venting is not directed toward you personally. But this junk kills a game. Supercell did this with Clash Royale. You can ONLY play so much a day. Supercell then did it with their builder base addition to their Clash of Clans game. You can only get three wins a day. Utterly wrecked both games.

    Streaks were the best thing Plunder Pirates had going. No matter what, I could always grind. There was always a virtual sense of achievement to be gained. Now, outside of events, I only have reason to log on once a day and fire up a new exploration. That just sucks.
  6. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    Am finding plenty of hiding places for all my unopened chests.
    1: Have replaced tables with Chests, had to cover them so pirates don’t steal them.
    2: lined them up and painted them to look like extra walls
    3: replaced the ships ballast with the heavy chests
    4: filled up the empty 2 cells in my fort with a lot of them
    5: not all the outhouses are functional as i’ve Hidden chests inside and place an “out of order” sign on the door.

    Will keep collecting and finding new uses for them. My next plan is to use them to reclaim more land and increase my island size. (Sink them offshore and backfill with sand)
  7. acersharp1

    acersharp1 First Mate

    I guess the 'tiny' percent of players truly do not have a reason to open chests. I do open the outfit chests - but the rest just sit there.

    As far as SILO issues, that's always going to remain an issue for high end players - but we understand that to max faster you have to sacrifice tons/trash materials and keep grinding like @Homey DeClown stated above. But when there is no reason to grind this makes it a bit confusing....

    A couple of new LPs or a couple new ways to use materials would really lighten the load! Are those in the near-future plans? @Lynsey [Midoki]
  8. MesaJim

    MesaJim Powder Monkey

    Those 2 empty cells are beckoning!
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