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Discussion in 'Fan Forum' started by Unique Rebel, Apr 20, 2021.

  1. Unique Rebel

    Unique Rebel First Mate

    Mysterious black squares always appear whenever Midoki are working on an update
  2. Unique Rebel

    Unique Rebel First Mate

    I found something special in the game, I feel some top players realised this and I don't know why many others didn't use it but I don't enjoy holding information back. This is something that may be a true game changer but more and most importantly as the hands of time favours no human beings except it's a gift from me to those that be worthy. A gift I dedicated in the memory of my family, those in gameplay and real life. Stay tuned to my channel on YouTube named UniqueRebel and if you truly be worthy, you may just benefit according to the algorithms and dynamics of your devices. I don't wanna give too much away yet, let's hope Midoki are watching because it's gonna make things happen. To understand better you may like to view some issues I came across recently in gameplay, wishing you all well wherever you may be. Please don't bother asking me any questions regarding this because I'm about to give you all you need to know in me video
  3. Unique Rebel

    Unique Rebel First Mate

    50% recruitment time reduction and 12 legendary pirates exhaustion time Midoki with many thanks
  4. Unique Rebel

    Unique Rebel First Mate

    Just like Christmas, would we be looking forwards to additional buffs to using Halloween outfits during Halloween, with many thanks
  5. Capt. Overkill

    Capt. Overkill Powder Monkey

    Midoki actually updates the game?

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