Why only 800 gems as last event reward??

Discussion in 'Event Strategies & Discussion' started by WOLLIMAUS, Aug 19, 2018.


    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    WHY the last event reward got hit by the economic tweak and it is 200 gems less then in last Thunderstruck event?? :(

    Are we not worth the 1000 gems?? o_O What is the reason for this decision?

    @Chris [Midoki]

    @Lynsey [Midoki]
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  2. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    20 gems to rehire my crew :rolleyes:o_O. Lol, that’s only good for 40 gemmed attacks, and this event requires A LOT of attacking!
    Yes, please raise the end prize not reduce it!
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  3. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Although the gems were reduced, the final tier Token requirement hasn't changed, even though it's now easier to reach due to Pirate Hall 12. Don't worry, as the next guild Thunderstruck will have a higher reward - but also a higher Token requirement, to take into account Pirate Hall 12. ;)

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Are you serious? o_O

    :eek: that is such a bad desicion to increase again the token ammount, very greedy one indeed- more gemming maybe by the gemmers already, that has nothing more to do with playing and having fun

    You make the challenge only for 4-5 guilds, i hope it is werth it, because you will loose much more from other guilds which will not even consider to try.
    This will not encourage any of the smaller or lighter weight guilds to even try!!!! I hope you will re-think it.

    YOU WILL KILL THE GAME!!! there is now already ONLY a handful of guilds who can make the 500k every day, if they want finish the event. If a ph 12 player plays at a low PR like many do already, then there is no benefit with the plunderpoints ;). They get less then a ph11 with a higher PR ;).

    Wouldn't it be better to come up with some new event and not only raise the token ammounts??? o_O
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  5. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    The upper levels of the Guild Event milestones have always been aimed at the top 'elite' guilds. As it stands, we've already had a several guilds finish the current Event as of yesterday, with several more well on track to finish today, and more to finish by tomorrow and Wednesday, so we'll be upping the upper limit in order to keep those guilds suitably challenged.

    We do keep an eye on the number of guilds finishing at each tier, so if it ever looks like we've pushed it a bit too far, we'll dial it back a little.

    We may also consider doing Events with lower upper milestones that's more attainable for smaller and mid-size guilds in the future (and more relaxed for the bigger guilds), but obviously the rewards will be scaled accordingly.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    yes, for some guilds who can make in 24hrs over 1-2M tokens because they fight hard against each other, but they don't do it because that they want finish the event, they do it because they want win against each other.... the event comes last for them ;)

    they burn gems anyway, do we have a event or not o_O

    Some guilds are merging for the event to get it done together or create a event guild only for that. They have a chance to do it, putting up more efforth then usually for a short time, but if you only see the already heavy gemmer guilds and their points, then those pop up guilds will have a very hard time.
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  7. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    But why reduce the gems for those hard working guilds??
    Wouldn’t MORE gems make more guilds work harder?
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  8. Taipanfan

    Taipanfan First Mate

    You’ve got to be joking. The events are already too long and too hard for the majorityto finish anyway. Guilds with lower PH’s that are introducing more players to the game potentially increasing your profits have no chance or incentive because you aim these events at the “elite” guilds (read high gemmers for “elite”).
    Why don’t you offer us an option to opt out of events and see how much interest there actually is at events in their current format?
  9. Taipanfan

    Taipanfan First Mate

    How about giving us the numbers? How many guilds are there? How many will actually finish this event? I suspect the percentage finishing will be quite small. Where is the incentive to the vast majority?
    I think the ship “pushed it a bit far” sailed ages ago, so please start dialling back like mad.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Is it a game for Midoki too??? The money making and killing all the fun we have by making the events "more challenging" only for 5-8 guilds???
    1-2 of them are pop up guilds, created only for the event. Players from smaller guilds come together and play together very hard and are dedicated to achieve something, finishing the event. "Playing-working" for it together. Or players from a smaller guild joins another small guild and they play together for the event.

    For these so called "elite" guilds, finishing events like Thunderstruck and Plundertime are not a priority anymore. Really not. They will finish them "by accident" when get matched against each other and fighting hard for the victory. Making 1-2M tokens sometimes in 24hrs when the "right" opponent is in the same rumble with them ;)

    Has anyone one of them complained ever that the event is not challenging enough??? :cool:

    But all those "lighter" guilds in plunders they will not have a chance ... like it is now already :(.
  11. Oak Island

    Oak Island Captain

    I think everyone just needs to take a step back and remember Midoki don’t HAVE to give us gems in ANY event if they don’t want to. Everyone should be thankful for any amount of gems. Giving us gems as a reward is essentially Midoki giving away free money, so I think perhaps you should be a little more grateful for ANY amount of gems Midoki is willing to hand out. Of course, more gems is great, but I am happy to have any in the event, so thank you @Lynsey [Midoki] for the gem rewards! I definitely appreciate it and so do the rest of my guild mates. We enjoy pushing hard for those gems!

    As far as tweaking the event tree and rewards, I think it is smart to tweak it from time to time to make sure it stays challenging, because when the events are too easy, they are way too boring. Guild thunderstruck is by far the most challenging of them all, so my only hope is that when Midoki does alter the end goal, they don’t make it too high, because this event is by far the hardest as it stands.

    Cheers and happy sailing,

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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    @Oak Island
    yes you are right, they don't have to give any gems away as a reward especially for a very hard event like Thunderstruck is now...and we have seen what happened ;), not many guilds even tried to finish the event then, because it is not worth it to burn hundreds of gems for a dapper o_O

    Midoki likes to surprise us in many ways :). Every time no short notice in advance what is coming up with next event :cool:

    First raising the amount to 3,5 millions, no gem reward at all, then we got gems after complaining, for the same amount tokens, yeah :), then came the update ph 12, and now a smaller gem reward for same tokens amount, because... you know
    next Thunderstruck will have a bigger reward(1000 again maybe or bigger then that?) and also it requires more tokens... maybe 4-4,5 millions?? or 5 millions?

    How many guilds ARE FULL with ph 11's and 12's?? 50/50

    I wouldn't say anything or pointing it out if the majority of guilds could reach that goal... but unfortunately it is not the case. It seems to be unfair for all the smaller and not HEAVY GEMMER guilds to not get that only one gem reward what there is. It is very frustrating for them to see it and not having any chance to get it, no matter how much efforth they put up. Thats all ;).
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  13. Oak Island

    Oak Island Captain

    Yes, I agree that 3.5 million points for a smaller guild or even a full guild that doesn’t gem or rumble much is an impossible target. Perhaps what Midoki should do is split the gem rewards in two so that smaller guilds can also be rewarded with gems. So, put 500 gems at 1 million points scored and then 500 more at the end? That way, at least those who cannot get to the finish line can still have some gems to shoot for. I just don’t think making the event less challenging overall is a good idea. I think it would be better to distribute the awards differently.


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  14. @Dplank Beard there is truth in your words!

    @Oak Island I like your thinking on all accounts!
    Being in a small guild that loves the game but isn’t a gemming guild, or one who takes the game too seriously, I’m certain that a mid way ‘carrot’ of gems would make us work harder and feel pleased with the win!

    Having said that, Midoki don’t have to give us free gems or free anything and they do so on a frequent and regular basis in all kinds of places in the game.... thank you Midoki!

    This is a GREAT game and one I’ve been invested in,like many others in the community, for a long time (longer than most other games I’ve dipped in and out of.)
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  15. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    Absolutely correct, Midoki does not have to give us gems. But I can guarantee that no guild finished this event without spending a good number of gems, aka money. And only 5-6 guilds have finished - (our event guild finished a few hours ago).
    I am all for a challenge! Cool, make it harder to finish - But my question stands....why shrink the carrot?
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  16. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    I get the shivers at the thought of pushing the finish beyond 3.5 million tokens, holy sheeet ballz. This event while fun (for me at least since most of my guild mates hate it) is quite the slog to get done at the 3.5 million mark and pushing the finish line further will be a killer.

    I do like @Oak Island idea of better distributed awards, that will help the smaller guilds for sure.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    @Lynsey [Midoki]
    May i ask are you playing in one of those guilds who have finished the event in Midokis opinion toooooo easily and early or are you in a guild who has not finished, because the token amount is just to high for that guild even with putting in some more efforth for the time of the event, but still couldn't reach the goal? o_O Or are you maybe playing with 2 or more acco's in different kind of guilds? :) :):) In a rumble guild or in a more relaxed guild? Or both? :cool:
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  18. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    I only have one live* account which is in a smallish guild (13 people), and we just about managed to hit 250,000 Event Tokens (so tier 18 out of 30).

    We have a few high levels that push quite heavily, and some lower levels that obviously can't put quite the same numbers in. We usually Rumble every other day, but every day during Events.

    * I have squillions of accounts on the dev servers, all of which have increasingly silly names.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain


    I played the event in 2 different guilds this time. My main in a event guild (ph 11's and 12's), we finished it 1 day before event ended with 42 players, because we had tough rumble rivals too and my mini in a almost full, but more relaxed guild and many smaller ph lvls, not finished :(, no chance to reach the 3,5 million and the gem reward.

    So if you please could consider the gem reward splitting into 2. One maybe at half way through for those not so heavy gemmer guilds and the 2. gem reward at the end then for those who reach the goal. Like @Oak Island suggested ;).
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  20. Taipanfan

    Taipanfan First Mate

    And the numbers that support your “it’s too easy comment” Lynsey, or did you forget that bit?

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