Active Hope vs Pirates United awesome rumble

Discussion in 'Rumbles' started by Ole Smokey 63, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Pirates United I tip my hat to u guys other than sinister souls I say u guys gave us the best challenge so far instill stand behind PU Y been the fairest of them all but u guys wanted it more we thank u for the push of our BP we still rumble 24/7 but r changing our starting time for new challenges our teamwork is without a doubt a force to deal with I am so proud of each & everyone of our members for holding on to our undefeated record of 77/0 [​IMG] it's an honor to plunder with such a great guild we have come to be able to consider ourselves friends as much as one can be online and care about our guild although like all guilds we must trim the fat every now n then & the fat stands out
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  2. [​IMG]I think we rumbled all week with u guys
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  3. [​IMG] I must say I think this rumble was more edge of ur seat type of rumble
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  4. [​IMG] His one was different for some of our old members were there although it's nice to hit a deserter
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  5. Well we can't claim to be the best but we've taken down some of them still out in the open seas rumbling 24/7 we hope u enjoy the game as much as we do and hope to meet u for a rumble one day from A-Z
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  6. xKILLZx

    xKILLZx Powder Monkey

    i remember this rumble to this day. Sinister souls really pushed to to our limit. It was back then when we had 13 or 17 win streak. Was back and forth for sure, diffenelty my favorite rumble. We are very proud of this rumble and you should be too. ☺️. We hope to see you in the near future
  7. Red Privateer

    Red Privateer First Mate

    The Souls thank you for your kind words and I send you my complements as Captain -- it was a nail biter! Likewise @xKILLZx to our past rumbles.
  8. chet

    chet Powder Monkey

    Props for Winning against PU main try that again when they have there full roster that fluke won't happen again.
  9. Shark Bait

    Shark Bait First Mate

    Active Hope will never go near PU main with a full roster, especially now since Active Hope has mastered the art of running from tough fights.
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  10. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    No need to chase them all over the forums taunting them. One thread is enough...
  11. Shark Bait

    Shark Bait First Mate

    My apologies :)

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