Any guilds where members actually contribute?

Discussion in 'Guild Strategies' started by David, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. ll DarkZero ll

    ll DarkZero ll Captain

    Ohhhhhhh sorry, the answer we were looking for was "What is Transformers 2". But you don't leave empty handed, tell him what he's won............
  2. Alaskanpipeline

    Alaskanpipeline Powder Monkey

    A spot in your guild that is lucky to crack 2000 points?

    Please say yes.
  3. Graybeard

    Graybeard Powder Monkey

    Good evening all. The Pirate Timecards is recruiting. We were in another guild that had about 4-5 people who would fund. The rest were really quiet. Our mission is to be a friendly guild of benefit to all it's members.

  4. Landon

    Landon First Mate

    Create a recruitment thread here . You get more views. :)

    Good luck! ;)
  5. Frumpy

    Frumpy Crew

    Check out our recruitment page

    Join the best guild in the western world catering for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres

    We are ranked 4th with players ranked highly in their own countries.

    If you are driven, fun, chatty and enjoy being part of a are the pirate for us. We also operate a farming guild. Take a moment to look, it will be worth your while.
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  6. Just coming up on my two-week anniversary with the magnificent folks of Meyham Mutineers. Keeping my eye on perk funding today, it was impossible to get in on the action because everything was funded in a matter of seconds. "Generous" does not cover it. Tip-top players are always free with battle technique critiques and support. Also, we have a very cheeky British "frumpy" monkey who keeps us ROLLING (rolling, folks) with laughter. My game has improved by leaps and bounds and I'm excited to take it to top levels with my Meyham guildmates. It's also worth mentioning that as soon as the game was rebalanced and made just a bit more fair (per the Chinese New Year update), this guild rocketed up to 4th place even without a formal push!

    Message me if you think you're a good fit for the most fun guild ever! Meyham PLUNDER is accepting applications as we speak. As we giggle. As we chuff. Yes.

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