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Discussion in 'Rumbles' started by Fil, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Fil

    Fil Captain


    I figured you might need this after getting Laughing Skulls yet and all of Active Hope have our sincere condolences
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  2. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Did you match them again after our rumble? It was funny seeing a formerly unbeaten guild sitting in third place!
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  3. Fil

    Fil Captain

    We sure did ;)
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  4. flyingdoucheman

    flyingdoucheman Magical Banner Wizard

    Oh my, guess you won't be on their Xmas list Fil., lol
  5. Pirate Bee

    Pirate Bee First Mate

    It's ok I enjoy crushing skulls ;)
  6. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

    If you're using rumbles just for farming, Laughing Skulls is a great match up. Lots of us have overflowing storages waiting to be shared.
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  7. Pirate Bee

    Pirate Bee First Mate

    Nah I don't need it. I just enjoy the easy 625 from a hardcore gemmer.
  8. chet

    chet Powder Monkey

    @Pirate Bee back 2 back 3rd placer I'm sure you enjoy that too and your mediocre attacks nah I don't even bother watching it just an easy 3 star revenge and I'm sure you enjoy that as well, glad you're having fun taking L's
  9. Pirate Bee

    Pirate Bee First Mate

    I'm satisfied knowing you need gems to beat us. Spending 300 gems or more to win 40 gems sounds like a good investment lol. As for the easy 3 star keep dreaming. I wish I could go further back in my logs and post the fails from LS.
  10. chet

    chet Powder Monkey

    @Pirate Bee i wish you do so you can see how easy it was for ME ask our good friend Wit who you base your layout. You have prolly 5 players I consider good in your guild but the rest of your guild is mediocre that includes you and your captain hey maybe mos from now you'll be on top but for now keep making excuses and enjoy that false hope
  11. Pirate Bee

    Pirate Bee First Mate

    lol whatever helps you sleep

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