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Discussion in 'General Bugs' started by WOLLIMAUS, Aug 3, 2017.

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    I think you got the performance issue down. Tested 2 devices. Started one, collected everything. Started the second and collected. Even grabbed an ad. Once the ad completed, the app store opened. Canceled the app store and back into the game. No issue with that. On first device, reporting to support opens mail, but then crashes.

    Game loads much quicker now. No stuttering as before after load. Completed a battle on the first, deployed the entire tavern for a 3 star. Didn't rebuild on finish. Collected, built troops, received donations from the 2nd account.

    IMO, you corrected a long standing issue. Prior, ad would crash, Never seeing the app store open, receiving donation would crash, opening explore map would crash if the boat was done. Building troops could cause an issue at times. I'm hitting idle timeouts, instead of crashing.

    I think the only remaining item is report to support, and likely this is device dependent. I think you are in a better position than it was before this release.

    Thank you very much @Lynsey for getting on this quickly.
  2. Sea Patriot

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    Maybe I hit a high note unintentionally because Morpheus is in the Matrix.

    But anyhoo, regardless of your game crashing you're always welcome to drop by. I suggest you find a guild if you don't already have one so you can soak up the nice rewards for all that underway time you'll do in Sir Henry Boggs Guild Challenge
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  3. Matrix

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    I've been in Dirty Dogs since I started. Great guys that have played together for a long time. I just had Chris (admin) match my forum name to my player forum name. Ironic isn't it?
  4. Matrix

    Matrix Powder Monkey

    And since this server change, it's running better than it ever did.
  5. Sea Patriot

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    Oh, I just saw you didn't have a guild banner, if you need help making one let me know. I know a couple of players that are really good at it, if you want.
  6. Sea Patriot

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    I seem to have better connectivity with the app in more rural areas than in the city, that's odd.

    This isn't nearly as bad as when the game first launched in the US in September of '14. Although the issue with disruption in service at the end of an attack is very weird.
  7. Matrix

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    I haven't seen end of battle issues since the change. Actually very few crashes. I can 3 star a lot easier now. I used to think it was all just me and I sucked at the game, but maybe it's the device speed more than anything. I will check with others in the guild and see if they have a banner. Thank you for offering, I might take you up on it.
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  8. MorganFlint

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    Ads for me don't crash anymore, but there is still a much moment where they look like they will. After each ad, the island view reappears but then greys out with the spinning wheel. It used to get stuck there and I would have to restart. Now after a few seconds, it connects and the reward is given. Happens on both devices, different accounts - iPad Pro and iPad mini 2.
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Like LMF told, the ads does just like this when i touch the reward button. One or two times i got kicked out of the game after the ad and no reward.
    iPad 4
    But the situation is now much more better than before the "update" last week. :)

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