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Discussion in 'Guild Strategies' started by Cptn PretzelBane, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. Cptn PretzelBane

    Cptn PretzelBane Powder Monkey

    This thread is for ideas on a systematic approach to promoting, kicking, and encouraging guild-members to meet guild expectations.
  2. Cptn PretzelBane

    Cptn PretzelBane Powder Monkey

    Here's a starting plan. It's just an idea right now so please provide suggested changes or insight:

    I call it The PretzelBane Doctrine:
    After each rumble, perform the following 6 steps:
    1) Promote any Crew to First Mate that scored 100 BP or more in the rumble and has made at least 1000 pirate donations.
    2) Promote any Powder Monkey to Crew that scored 25 BP or more and has made at least 300 pirate donations.
    3) Kick any Powder Monkey that didn't fight in the rumble - unless they are flagged as New or have a PR below 50.
    4) Kick any Powder Monkey that hasn't been online in the last two weeks (regardless of PR).
    5) Demote any Crew to Powder Monkey that scored less than 25 BP in the rumble.
    6) Demote any First Mate to Crew that scored less than 100 BP in the rumble.
  3. Cptn PretzelBane

    Cptn PretzelBane Powder Monkey

    The idea is to keep the guild active in rumbles and reward those who donate frequently. With minimum effort.
    • The rumble BP requirements are not that hard to hit for Crew but are a bit more challenging for 1st Mate. The pirate donation requirements give 1st mate status only to those who have been around a while and have contributed.
    • The actual values for BP and donations can change depending on your guild or even change with time.
    • This doctrine is made to be fairly easy for the Captain to do. The rumble BP is readily available after the rumble. The pirate donations are easy to find and are cumulative (unlike perk donations which is current only so not as useful). It can be implemented all at once right after each rumble. Being easy to apply without keeping a separate log was a key development point.

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