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    How do I join a guild?
    A pirate’s life can be a lonely one. Why not join a Guild to chat and assist each other in battle.

    You must first build a Guild Hall to gain access to the guild features. You can find the Guild Hall in the Market under “Buildings”. After building a Guild Hall, open the guild menu by tapping the Guild Hall and then the “Guild” button. Alternatively, you can tap the Guild button (picturing two flagons of grog) on the right side of the island screen. From here, you can find a guild to join or create your own.

    What are the ranks in the guild?

    Cabin Boy - Where everyone starts. Play by the rules, contribute to the guild perks and you might get promoted
    Crew - First rank up with the ability to promote, demote and kick Cabin Boys
    First Mate - Those promoted to this level can promote, demote and kick Crew and Cabin Boys
    Captain - The owner and creator of the guild. Has the ability to promote, demote and kick anybody who mis-behaves!

    What happens in the guild?
    By joining a guild, you can share special perks with guild members to gain an edge over your rivals. Perks include:

    Stonemason - Increases the strength of the walls on your island
    Observatory - Decreases exploration time
    Blacksmith - Increases the attack strength of your pirate

    How do I use guild perks?
    In order to use perks, you must build a stonemason, observatory, or blacksmith on your island. Once built, you will then have access to that building’s associated perk. Guild members who also have these buildings on their islands can then pitch in to keep the perks active. Each guild member can donate a limited amount of gold, grog, or battle points to activate a perk. Once a perk is 100% funded, it will be active for a limited time, after which there is a brief cooldown period. After cooldown, the perk can be funded again and reactivated. Share the funding duties with your guildmates for maximum perk efficiency.

    What can I do if a guild member is using abusive language in the chat?
    Inappropriate behavior in the chat will not be tolerated. Please contact Rovio Support directly to report such instances ( Be sure to provide the name of the offending player, the guild name, and the time when the abusive comments were made. Each report will be investigated on a case by case basis.
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