How are guilds matched in rumbles these days?

Discussion in 'Rumbles' started by Travis, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. Travis

    Travis Powder Monkey

    Hi gang,
    I'm sure this has probably been mentioned somewhere but I cannot seem to find it. Most of what I find is regarding the new scoring system but I'm more interested in how guilds are matched. I know there were various methods in place to deal with minis but what's the criterion these days? Is it PH level? Guild size?
    If anyone could help me with that, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Currently matchmaking is based on:

    1) Number of members in a guild
    2) Pirate Hall level distribution across the guild

    The aim is to match guilds that are similar in makeup. As the range of guilds are very broad, however, the parameters relax as the matchmaking goes on, to prevent people from waiting for too long for a Rumble to start.
  3. Travis

    Travis Powder Monkey

    Much appreciated.
  4. Colonel Forbin

    Colonel Forbin Powder Monkey

    Would matching guilds in rumbles based on a Guilds average Plunder Points per Rumble be more competitive?
    I am Captain of a top 100 veteran guild of 45. Most of our members are long time players that are ph8 and ph9. We dont have the passion to post 100k per rumble. We finish third on average with 50k. We are not a top Rumble guild but we would like to be in a rumble where we have a competitive fight. The way it is set up now its two guilds fighting for first, if not just one guild running away with it in the first couple of hours.
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  5. bucket

    bucket First Mate

    I agree with you colonel forbin. I would like to see rumble match ups based on plunder points average and highest total reached. Our guild American Ranger has been matched with guilds that average three or four times more plunder points than we have scored in highest total reached. Not complaining just a suggestion. I do understand that if it were solely based on plunder points scored the same high scoring guilds would be matched up against each other over and over again. Coming in second or third in rumbles is great as well you still get grog and gold. I do love the new points system it values more established players and encourages new players to continue to upgrade.
  6. Travis

    Travis Powder Monkey

    I wonder if it would be possible to bracket guilds based on the overall list somehow. For example, top 50 guilds can only ever fight top 50 guilds even if the pairing time is limited to so many hours and might result in less than 5 guilds rumbling. Our guild had about 38 members and were probably in the top 200 or 250 somewhere but we'd still get paired with top 10 guilds.
    I like how points are scored nowadays but not how matchups are worked out.
  7. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    If it went off guild rank, you could just have all your members drop PR really low to drop off the leaderboard so you could match lower guilds. "Rumble starting in an hour, everyone drop to PR1 for your easy gems"
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  8. Travis

    Travis Powder Monkey

    That's true. There's got to be a better way though.
  9. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Have a wider range of PH levels or reduce your member count so you don't get matched against full guilds of only ph9s. There's only so many guilds that put up consistently high scores, and most of them have 40+ PH9s.

    But accept that you'll have to put effort into trying to rumble if you want to win regularly. 2000 points a member is only 4 wins, and that's enough to score 100,000 points with a full guild. Even 1000 points a member would have won almost every single rumble we've been in, and that's literally two attacks. If you want to win, don't complain about matching other people that are putting in the effort - start putting some in yourself! I'm sure you can get every person in your guild to attack twice over the course of a day if you want to win, they should already be doing much more than that just to get enough loot to upgrade :) You can't be casual AND expect to win.

    Start trimming fat! A member who consistently performs poorly holds you back in rumbles, because they make you match bigger guilds, and if they are't pulling their weight, that's a big disadvantage. 30 members that consistently put up 2k points are much more likely to win a rumble against 30 players than a 50 member guild where half the members don't attack vs another 50 member guild.

    If you get a tough matchup (I'm looking at you skulls), settle for second and try a different starting time next time.
  10. Travis

    Travis Powder Monkey

    Oh,of course we've already slimmed down (That's why I was speaking in past tense;)) and I was commenting, not complaining. Now we typically dominate our competition which also have small numbers of players. Nonetheless, it seems odd that any guild that typically gets, for example, 40K total to be matched against guilds that hit 200K simply for the sake of filling five slots in the rumble. I think bucket might be on to something with his suggestion. The reason I asked the initial question was because I wondered if that statistic factored into the matchmaking but that was not mentioned by Lynsey.
    Anyway, cheers :)
  11. Zink

    Zink Captain

    Yeah i'd like to know just exactly how that all works myself
  12. Colonel Forbin

    Colonel Forbin Powder Monkey

    Our last five rumbles we have been blown out by more than 100k.
    We are an active 45 member guild of ph7 through ph9, our top rumble score is 50k. Most of our members contribute to rumbles. We do not want to drop half our crew to get better matchups, it kills recruitment and drops us out of the top 100 guilds. The way matchmaking is currently set up gives a guild like ours no chance at competing. We end up as a spot filler during rumbles and all we get is a front row seat to watch the top rumble guilds throw gems at eachother.
    Thoughts Lynsey?

    Col Forbin, Dead Man's Chest
  13. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    How are you only getting 50k with PH9s?

    I get ~7500 in an average rumble by myself without spending a single gem, 5k when I absolutely do not try at all (only 10 attacks!). You don't need lots of gems to put up competitive scores, just more activity :)

    Besides a couple of guilds, most spend very few gems to put up decent scores. They have every member putting in a couple thousand points. At 500 an attack, and a ~20 minute rehire time, if you're very selective on which bases you attack so you only get 3* vs ph9 bases, a free player could put up high points fairly easily if they log in often enough. If you use the free gems you get when playing normally, a PH9 could easily put up 50k points by himself with a weeks worth of gems, and its very rare you'll be in a situation where that is needed.

    Unless you're facing Skulls or PU main, its very unlikely you'll be in a battle you need to spend gems to win. What you do need is your players to log in regularly and be selective in who they attack. You'll never finish your base with only 2 attacks a day, and that low level of activity isn't going to win. If you want to win, its not gems, its strategy and time commitment that will win it. If you all log in twice an hour when you're not at work or asleep, and get a 3* win most of those times, you'll almost always win.

    The guilds that do spend tons of gems getting big scores (who would be spending those gems anyways to get chests from streaking) are putting in several hours straight battling. Even if they weren't using gems, they would be winning most rumbles, because they would be logging in more often to put in attacks. If you can't commit that kind of time, you're not gonna win, no matter how many gems you have. Do you want to win rumbles or do you want to just casually log in twice a day?
  14. Colonel Forbin

    Colonel Forbin Powder Monkey

    My guild is a casual playing guild, I like to term it a farming guild. That dosent mean that the matchup algorithm cant be setup to match guilds with similar rumble scores together to make rumbles enjoyable for everyone. That would create a competitive rumble in all five slots not just two or three. Wait times may be an issue, but i would have no problem starting a rumble a couple of hours ahead of our scheduled rumble time if it woud lead to a more enjoyable fight for us.

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