How Tex Earned 20,000 BP in 2 Weeks!

Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by Tex, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Tex

    Tex Commodore

    I'd like to share a fish story with you guys about a strategy I've been using that's working like alchemy for producing battle points. Some of the tips I share, you may already know, but it's combining them altogether that made a difference for me.

    First a little background...
    When Midoki began hinting that PH8 would be released I was eager to be as prepared as possible for whatever goodies may come. I had already finished my exploration map 100% and was maxing my last gold storage. Looking ahead I was wondering if the new content would include an Academy 7, and if so how much it would cost. The BP points for the last Academy were 15K and Midoki had been doubling the cost with each upgrade. So I made up my mind to earn 30K BP just in case.

    I've tried every tactic in the book to earn BP including farming (what a grind!). But hunting the 4* Bigger Fish always paid the greatest rewards for me. I had been using a strategy of setting a long 24+ hour expedition to tackle 2-3 fish in one trip, usually a mix of 3*-4* Big/Bigger Fish. But was very frustrated when many times I would earn only 50 BP for one, 3 gems for the next, and 250 BP for the last.

    So enough background. Here's the strategy...
    I began to notice a spawning pattern for my 4* Bigger Fish, it was always re-spawning in 1 of 3 locations: i1, H3, L0. So I focused 100% of my fishing trips on this one particular fish. Two of those locations took between 3.5-4.5 hours to reach and the third took 15 hours. Thankfully he preferred to re-spawn in the locations that required less travel time. So I was able to make between 2-4 fishing trips per day!

    4* Bigger Fish Map Locations

    My typical fishing crew consists of 6 brutes, 10 gunners, 5 bombers, and 1 wd.
    I began including the wd after learning from @Kelani that he can reduce battle damage by up to 40% on exploration battles. This crew may have been overkill, but any survivors meant I only needed to cook up replacements.

    Here's another strategy some of you may not realize. After each battle the fish doesn't just re-spawn right away. You have to force him to re-spawn with a little trick. Immediately after the battle and getting my crew back I set the ship on a random course, next I go to the home screen and check out my island for a second, then I go back to the exploration screen and cancel the expedition. After repeating this process 2-4 times (not long at all) that same fish would re-spawn in the locations I shared with you.

    To give you some data to back my claims
    Here's the results of my last 12 fishing trips...

    1. i1, 4h 32m, 700 BP
    2. i1, 4h 32m, 700 BP
    3. i1, 4h 32m, 800 BP
    4. i1, 4h 32m, 800 BP
    5. H3, 3h 38m, 100 BP
    6. i1, 4h 32m, 800 BP
    7. L0, 15h 9m, 800 BP
    8. i1, 4h 32m, 800 BP
    9. i1, 4h 32m, 700 BP
    10. L0, 15h 9m, 700 BP
    11. H3, 3h 38m, 50 BP
    12. i1, 4h 32m, 700 BP
    And that is the story of how Tex earned 20,000 BP in just 2 weeks!
    Note: Largest reward was 2,000 BP. Very rare.

    I can't promise this strategy will work for everyone, especially since there have been bugs reported that some of you aren't seeing anything near these results. But I hope it will help some of you.

    Happy Fishing!
  2. Arr

    Arr Captain

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the fishing data - location, sailing times, and bp - I totally dig it! Very positive post and I hope to see more. I'm going to bookmark this post and share it with the guildies. :)
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  3. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Awesome post man. :) If you don't mind my adding it, here's my chart of where all those FIshes and Serpents are hiding. Stuck in a spoiler tag..

    Always send a L4-L5 ship. Recommended crew: 2 brutes w/explore skill. If chasing serpents, instead send 2-3 juggs w/serpent skill. Fill your boat with 80% bucs and 20% gunners. Sending a Witch Doctor will cut your lost troops by 40%. Remember: The number of troops on your ship affects the Suicidal/Dangerous flag. More troops = better chance to win the fight.

    3* and 4* Fish & Serpent Locations =====================================================================
    4* Bigger Fish #1: H3 (moves to L0 and Y19) (can give 50-2000 BP)
    4* Bigger Fish #2: T24 (moves to X21) (can give 50-2000 BP)
    4* Bigger Fish #3: i1 (moves to H23) (can give 50-2000 BP)

    4* Big Fish #1: W10 (moves to U4 and W0) (can give 50-2000 BP)
    4* Big Fish #2: D22 (moves to H23 and A21) (can give 50-2000 BP)

    3* Bigger Fish #1: P21 (Moves to D17) (Can give 50-800BP)
    3* Bigger Fish #2: T21 (Moves to P21 and ?? ) (Can give 50-800BP)
    3* Bigger Fish tip: Sometimes two will spawn south of your island so you can get them with one trip. They are definitely worth hunting., especially for L3-L4 boats which can't reach the 4* monsters

    4* Sea Serpents give 50-100k grog and 500-1500+ BP, but they are harder to kill than Fishes, and give BP less often. You need a L4-L5 Boat to stand a chance.

    4* Sea Serpent #1: B3 (moves to A1 and C0)
    4* Sea Serpent #2: P1 (moves to R0)
    4* Sea Serpent #3: F23 (moves to K24)
  4. SaK

    SaK First Mate

    thankx alot for sharing these idea
    cant wait to test it myself...gonna try it in one hour as soon as my latest exploration finishes!;)
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  5. Goose

    Goose Crew

    hah i was using it all the time xD
    its good that u share it for all o PP players
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  6. Tex

    Tex Commodore

    Nice to have validation that it can work for others too. Thanks for the feedback. :)
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  7. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Very good post man! there really is no reason to complain about the BP and how ''slow'' it is. As many other problems in lifeā€¦ fish, is always the solution.
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  8. Kawika

    Kawika Crew

    Sticking this thread to my tackle box. :D
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  9. Christy

    Christy Commodore

    I lucked out today and got 1800BP on a fish :D rare for me
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  10. Floki

    Floki Captain

    Bp should not be an issue if your exploring and attacking well never been a biggy for me but have notices a lot of talk about it.
  11. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    I've been doing serpents for a little over a week and I'm at 16k bp already.
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  12. Floki

    Floki Captain

    Do they wear lipstick?
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  13. Christy

    Christy Commodore

    Ewwwwww :eek:
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  14. Floki

    Floki Captain

    It seemed a fair question I mean who likes a serpent that just does not look after themselves???
  15. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Just woke up and got 2K BP from bigger fish! first time it pays off that much for me:D
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  16. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

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  17. Floki

    Floki Captain

    So true anything just for a joke...
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  18. Smelly_Vile

    Smelly_Vile First Mate

    I noticed that the fish won't respawn right away but wasn't sure what are the exact actions that will trigger its reappearance. Thanks for sharing this tip with us! :D
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  19. SaK

    SaK First Mate

    No...even if u do tht steps..its not sure it will respawn on the exact spot...but yes near somewhere
  20. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    It will either respawn in the same spot, or one of it's pre-defined alternate spots listed in my BP Monster chart. Which spot it picks from the list seems random.
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