Is 1,251,713 Plunder Points in 24 hours possible/legitimate?

Discussion in 'Rumbles' started by xVortexinator, May 6, 2019.

  1. xVortexinator

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    [​IMG]Recently, I have been browsing the monthly leaderboards for May's Plunder Points, and the top player, jojo, already has a significant lead on second place, third, fourth, etc. by well over a million. It seems very skeptical to me that a single user is able to score such a large number in their latest rumble statistics, with no active events that allow you to score additional plunder points.
    I know that someone has scored over a million plunder points before in a single rumble (Setting the old current record), but that was during the Storm Event (if I'm not mistaken) - causing additional plunder points when storms struck the shores. But other than that, me and the members in my guild that I'm currently in are starching their heads as well with this phenomenon.
    In retrospect, he has already scored well over the previous current winner of April in just only six days.

  2. The Truth is out their...Agent Scully and Mulder on the who know's V.
  3. Deathblood

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    Likely hacked the game.

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