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Discussion in 'Build Strategies' started by Captain Clawmark, May 8, 2021.

  1. Everytime i get attacked i get three starred easily by players stronger than me. I stumbled across this youtuber looking through his defence log, to find every attacker fails miserably at a whopping 30 percent destruction or less. I decided to take this island layout and try it for myself. I have not been attacked yet so i cant test it, but when it does ill show the results!

    (cant send image through photos so ill send my tweet)
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  2. update: it seems to be working well, still getting three starred everyday though. The weak spots seem to be the sides so ill work on them.
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  3. Bigpoppa1980

    Bigpoppa1980 Powder Monkey

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  4. Bigpoppa1980

    Bigpoppa1980 Powder Monkey

    Click the trophy icon on the bottom of the screen. Then click the 25 at the top of the screen. Then click winners. Then visit them. You can go through all the different months but the base layout doesn't change very much. I actually copied unique rebel base and occasionally I will get three starred but not very often. Maybe this would help you out
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    It's the better way, it's what I did too. I would struggle for years setting up guild ship to avoid getting hit from that weaker side until I had enough and had to resort to copying another player's guild ship set up and worked out pretty glitchy in confusing rival troops. Please feel free to take any and all ideas from me anytime, no need to be thanked. Just you go and enjoy your gameplay. Don't worry yourself too much when getting smashed 3 stars all the time by stronger more powerful players that use max level guild ship troops too. Some things cannot be avoided, I still get 3 starred sometimes. When I lower my pirate rank, I always get players farming against me helping me increase my defensive win ratio, when I go pirate rank up, I get smashed by high PR players. It's a fighting game so don't worry yourself too much and take ever hit with a smile.... just learn to keep hitting back. I was once bullied by the same player all the time until I had enough and started farming hardcore until One day, I started to smash that player so bad. Finally I did it, the player that kept hitting me no longer troubled me again. Wishing you all well wherever you may be

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