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Discussion in 'Rumbles' started by Lynsey [Midoki], Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Booty isle

    Booty isle Captain

    I really hope u implement both. This will stop the sissy pirates from dropping rank and and give meaning to the defensive part of this game again... Defenses are nearly pointless right now.
  2. Enuthral

    Enuthral First Mate

    yes now need to give a reason to up the ranks, and have more gold and grog available when ph9 attacks a PH9. That would reduce the dropping of ranks. Just to find gold and grog for all the high end upgrades
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  3. Bou Regreg

    Bou Regreg First Mate

    Neither of the proposed changes would stop a sissy pirate if the sissy pirate didn't care about rumbling (yes many pirates don't give a parrots plop for rumbles). And neither change would add to the defensive capabilities of the the defensive game is unchanged. (Or are you implying that people are intentionally creating badly designed islands? The worse the design the better the island...?)
  4. Bou Regreg

    Bou Regreg First Mate

    This is not an issue with rumbles, rather a problem with PP in general. But yes I think it would be wise for midoki to increase grog rewards for the higher PR attacks. Allthough to pay for the expensive army recruit costs not the upgrades.
  5. diddly-squat

    diddly-squat Powder Monkey

    maybe make the available gold and grog progressive in terms of the pirate rank of the base you are attacking...
  6. Booty isle

    Booty isle Captain

    No, I just think it's a cool idea to lose bp if you are losing/dropping rank... I do believe the offense in this game is stronger than defence. But I also know it's hard to win against top bases over and over without ever losing... So defence does play some part right now... But no rewards are given or deducted for a loss. And for that i would like to see a change.
  7. Mr. Brown

    Mr. Brown Crew

    I noticed an error with the Rumble Leaderboard; it is adding a single guild's rumble points from several rumbles to establish their ranking on the leaderboard. For instance, Meyham Mutineers is ranked 9th with 251,685 rumble points, but their highest rumble score is 126,862. Laughing Skulls should be in 1st place with a single rumble score of 463,356, but an Asian guild is in 1st place with a highest score of 286,929 and an average of 180,575; the Asian guild must have done several rumbles and now their scores are being added together.
    I don't know if this was how MIDOKI intended to rank the guilds, but it essential means the guilds that rumble most often (and even lose) could be placed in the top of the leaderboard, while guilds that rumble less often (and get a single big win) will be placed lower in the ranks.
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  8. Enuthral

    Enuthral First Mate

    I do know Oh, Canada's score is what our last rumble win was.

    Posted in above...

    I think it's still working out mid rumble change over scores as well
  9. peg-brain bob

    peg-brain bob Captain

    Midoki HAVE made a change to rumble leaderboard - it now shows the COMBINED total for the previous 7 days - so yes guilds that rumble more often have a greater chance of being near the top - but ONLY if they consistently post decent scores!

    Edit: This is mentioned in the release notes! (final item)
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  10. Hektor

    Hektor Powder Monkey

    Is there a list available how many PP with which PV level you can reach max. (with and without 25% bonus) ?
    For PV9 ist seems to be 625 with bonus and 500 without
    PV8 ? PV7? ...
  11. John56

    John56 First Mate

    PH8 506 with 25% bonus and 405 without. That's going against a PH9.
    For PH8 vs PH8, it is 365 without bonus.
  12. awbo

    awbo Captain

    For those interested, here is a little spreadsheet showing Plunder Points using the new system:

    What is important to note:
    • The higher PH you attack the more points you get
    • However attacking a level above you: eg. A PH7 attacking a PH8 only earns 80% of the points a PH8 can earn attacking a PH8
    • Same deal for attacking a level below you: eg. A PH9 attacking a PH8 only earns 80% of the points a PH8 can earn attacking a PH8
    And don't forget the maximum points are only for 3-Star wins, so you are better off attacking a same-level PH you can 3-star than a level above you can only 2 or 1-star.

    In our guild we used to have a minimum 100BP required for rumbles. We have had to change this to a sliding scale of Plunder Points based on PH level to ensure everyone has a fair contribution.
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  13. Bou Regreg

    Bou Regreg First Mate

    This is the one problem I have with the new scoring system. The challenge of taking out a PH8 is the same for a PH7 or PH8. And so the reward should be the same. The difference is that the attacking PH8 would have better tools (higher trained troops) and is more likely to achieve a 3* victory than an attacking PH7.

    It is not a question of spening more time growing or more time recruiting as that advantage would show up with the better troops. And it is not the mini problem which a PH2 attacking a PH2 gave the same reward as a PH9 attacking a PH9.

    The rewards for attacking any given PH base should be the same for any attacker. The higher the PH base the better the rewards. Yes, I know there are some very easy, poorly designed high PH bases out there, if you get matched against one think of it a your lucky day. The PH7 will likely hit a few PH8 for extra points, all the power to them. But throughout the entirety of the rumble things will average out. For the same number of victories, the PH8 will gain more more points than the PH7 because they are more likely to achieve more stars for equivalently difficult battles.
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  14. Bou Regreg

    Bou Regreg First Mate

    So in effect the new scoring system penalizes players for attacking more challenging, higher level (than the attacker) bases regardless of the out come of the battle. Midoki are you trying to discourage players from taking on more challenging opponents? Risk vs reward is an important factor in our decisions on who we attack. You have now set up a system where the greater the risk results in less reward.

    Edit...I might as well give up piracy and become an accountant. Less risk for greater reward.:confused::rolleyes:o_O
  15. awbo

    awbo Captain

    Well technically it is still more of a reward to attack higher bases, you do earn more points.
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  16. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    Question about the scoring, we are in a rumble right now and looking at our own Guild own Rumble scoring leader board, the scores are not sequential with the amount of Rumble points. Why is this?
  17. awbo

    awbo Captain

    They are ordered by BP, although you can't see what this figure actually is. Once the rumble is over it will be ordered correctly in the Last Rumble scores tab.
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  18. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    Ahhhh, well that's just dandy now isn't it. Thanks for the clarification.
  19. awbo

    awbo Captain

    This appears to have been fixed.
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  20. PTO Plunderer

    PTO Plunderer Captain

    Question on rumble average--is that also a 7 day average in player profile or is that a since the beginning of rumbles average?
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