Old saved Quest Awards gone

Discussion in 'Build Bugs' started by MorganFlint, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    i haven’t seen this answered yet. Some of us saved quest rewards - didn’t collect them when earned - to save for that little extra bit needed to cover a cost - whether it was gems, gold or grog. Those saved rewards all disappeared with the latest update, though I see that in-progress ones are still there, just with chests as rewards now.
    Did the finished quest rewards simply get replaced by chests, same as the unfinished ones? @Lynsey [Midoki]
    I remember having some ready-to-claim chests after the update...
  2. peg-brain bob

    peg-brain bob Captain

    All of mine did, yes!
    (fortunately for me, my completed uncollected ones were only grog/gold - I only 'lost' gems on the incomplete ones).
  3. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    Ok thanks

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