Tips for Preventing Myself from Getting Raided

Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by Smelly_Vile, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Smelly_Vile

    Smelly_Vile First Mate

    So... PH8 has finally arrived! Now I once again find myself facing several new building upgrades that require a lot of resources (more than 3 m gold or grog) each. This reminded me of that one question that has been troubling me ever since I made my way from PH5 to PH7...

    "With such lengthy recruitment times, how does one protect his loot in between each raid/recruiting?"

    This question really bothers me. As many of you would possibly agree, even if I get an average of around 1 m gold and/or grog from each raid, many of those new PH7+ building upgrades will require more than 3 raids or so to get build. The tricky part is, average recruitment times are rather lengthy (>1.5 hours) at PH7/AC6/Tavern 8. With the "down time" being so long in between each raid while one holds more than 3 m resources or so, one is bound to get raided by other players. Now I find that quite annoying as it ain't easy accumulating more than 3 m resources.

    Any tips on how to prevent getting raided while waiting for recruitment to complete? What if I am a busy man who don't have much time to spend on playing PP, given that actively doing things in PP is the best way to prevent getting raided? I don't like the option of buying Shields with gems btw.

    P.S. I hope that Pirate Catcher lvl 3 helps in resolving this issue.
  2. SaK

    SaK First Mate

    Have u already plundered all ur in map big loot bases...if not, go and try to take the huge loot in one session...try to gem a bit if u can.

    Otherwise after looting near ur requirement go down to PR -50... Less attack chances on u.
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  3. one time

    one time Powder Monkey

    Best thing, if your not going for rank, is just leave your PH out and hope for shield. Put the storages in most protective spots. And like SaK said keep your lvl low
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  4. Christy

    Christy Commodore

    With the introduction of the powerful Ching Shih it is much easier to lose when being attacked in my opinion. She is amazing and I love using her however not so crazy about her when she runs into my base in attack mode :eek:
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  5. Bryno

    Bryno Crew

    Smelly! your Dam ripe:p, I spent almost two weeks @ PR 100. The looting was great. Average 1.5 mil resources per attack with usually less than 15 next button attempts and only 4 defenses. most of than only robbing from my collects. If your defenses are near full strength your have no problem. Ive climbed from 90 to 450 in the last few days, still without any takers not even Revenges . Youall can keep on knocking but you can't come Innn.
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  6. Smelly_Vile

    Smelly_Vile First Mate

    Thanks for your advice :) I have one or two remaining Pirate Strongholds/Ports that has over 1 m loot. Guess I'll save them for those "big upgrades" like PH8, AC7, VD4 for instance.

    Thanks :) I already did that: left PH on the outside and put the storages within my fences.

    So far I haven't run into a raid where the raider unleashed Ching. Not sure I look forward to see Ching on my own island, like you said :p But on the other hand, I really enjoyed the effective "Ching + Bombers" combo when I raid other islands.

    Indeed, the "harvest" at around that PR range can be quite bountiful these days (not sure if and when will that "PR loot sweet spot" change though). My defenses are all maxed out at PH7-level. Wonder how will they fare against PH8-level raiders who have AC7, the new Training Ground perk and Ching.
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  7. J0ck0

    J0ck0 First Mate

    i am farming my last bit of troop upgrades at the moment, and i am sitting at between 140 and 225 PR. i have had my grog storages full (7.5 million) and my gold at times as much as half full (3.5 million) for the past two weeks. i have yet to be hit for more than a few hundred thousand grog, and it has been several days since i was last attacked. my first suggestion is not to sit on any resources (i'm only doing it because i don't have anything to spend grog on while i'm waiting out troop upgrades), and to upgrade your troops first (troops get you resources). gold can always be dumped into walls while you are waiting on upgrades. once you start maxing out your defenses, you will find that the attacks are fewer and farther between. even the maxed players rarely attack a base like mine because there are many more easy bases at this level that have just as much resources to take. this game is all about risk/reward. our job is to increase the risk while minimizing the reward for the attackers. good luck!
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  8. Smelly_Vile

    Smelly_Vile First Mate

    +1. For a long time I have been aware of the importance and benefits of keeping less gold/grog on my island so to avoid attracting raiders. What really surprises me however is that since the moment I maxed out my island's defenses at PH7-level (except my walls which are lvl 7 ~ 8), I get raided so infrequently as compared to the past.

    About 3 days ago I started accumulating 7 m gold for my PH8 upgrade. I was rather busy during day time and I didn't "spam" shields. Even then I only got raided twice (within 3 days!) before reaching 4.6 m gold. As a result I lost a total of less than 600k gold and 600k grog. I thought I was reeeeeeaaally lucky to have been raided so few times (and by players who 1-star-ed my island at most), making my reach for PH8 a rather pleasant (frustration-free) experience.

    Perhaps another factor also plays a role in my "luckiness": I underestimated the minimum amount of loot that will spur on a PH7-level raider to raid an island. Maybe anything less than 1 m gold and grog doesn't seem to interest them at all?
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  9. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    I just keep the game up on my ipad and if I'm too busy to play at the moment, I keep hitting that inactive popup whenever it appears :)

    Also plan ahead for what you're going to upgrade next. Get that much loot, and spend it. Anything leftover, dump into walls.
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  10. Smelly_Vile

    Smelly_Vile First Mate

    Unfortunately I don't have access to WiFi when I am too busy to attend to my PP :eek:

    +1 to this. I always remind myself to do just that.

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