When will Guilds be worth joining?

Discussion in 'Guild Strategies' started by Evil Rastlin, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Captain Monkey

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    Mine finishes in one day so I'm not completly sure but I think by 15%. It costs exploration points to activate.
  2. Ok, I do plunder from ten to fifteen times a day and honest the pirate catcher doesn't help me much, it makes my guild look good THATS about it, thx
  3. Today I looted thirty two times already, and after I picked my pirates it takes one hour to get them all ready, I just keep using gems. I think the game it's been set up the way it is so people like me keep buying non stop, I love this game but around 600 to 700's isn't pretty, I would hate to drop my PR just so I could get better and easier loots, just updated my voodoo hut to#3 then the training is crazy, each 2 million grog before you get the expanded vodoo shield, wish that people above 600 PR could get some kind of bonus like gems or more grog, why aren't we able to pay for training with gold? Think about it, to train u need lot of grog, to update your voodoo, light tower, etc... You need grog! How about giving gold more action!!.
  4. Through PH 5, it's balanced much more to needing grog, but right now I'm about halfway through upgrading my walls to level 8 and I still need another 50M gold to finish (and then another 87.5M for level 9). Pretty much done with needing grog already, though
  5. @Fakebeard, are you saying that all your pirates training is over? If it is, more power to you!.
  6. At a certain point it can be very strategic to stop upgrading your troops. For instance the Witch Doctor, is upgrade worthy but some upgrades must not be done. Else it would be way to expensive to recruit.
    And this counts for most of the troops. When you reach this point gold is pretty much all you need.
  7. Yes I do understand that clearly, and practice what you just said, still the best part of voodoo doctor, juggernaut, etc.. Cost quite a lot to get there, and my point is, why not are we able to switch between gold to grog and viceversa, some of us including myself don't mind playing the game, but between waiting 4days to 2.5 million per upgrade it can get very costly and frustrating!.
  8. What do you mean with switching between gold and grog? Because if I understand you correctly then why have two currencies? I'm happy with the system right now, yes of course sometimes is a ..B.. but so is life ;)
  9. I do need to finish out the ones I want once I get enough BP for academy 6, but most of those seem like marginal improvements and the total cost is much less than walls. Wish I could give out grog tomthose who need it :)
  10. Yes sure, they will be lining up to collect all of your grog soon:mad::mad:!!!
  11. @The Fish Eyed Pirate, exchanging one for the other, I'm very happy for you liking it the way it is!!!o_O
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    Old thread, but I have determined that with maxed perks, playing the game with them I can reach a good 200 higher rank than I can without! I just wish there were a way to fund them while not in a guild or while starting a new guild any waiting on initial members to join. I think the captain ought to be able to fund 100%.
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  13. Omar Ceceña

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    We never have had problems "chatting" in game, it's always a hubbub of talk. Lol! Plus being able to use the slack.chat app makes it even better in keeping up to date on what is going on with everyone. That's how we keep our family together.
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    It all depends on what you are wanting to get out of the guild to consider it worth joining. If you want to spend all day in your parents basement, then join a guild that rumbles all the time. If you want to enjoy real life and still play the game and enjoy it you really need to do some searching. Travel to other guilds, check out the forums and you'll get an idea of what you want.
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    There can be no reasonable reason to "not joining" a guild unless you are a free loader. The benefits perks offer far outways trying to run solo. The higher the level you climb the more a guild membership and its perks offer.

    Bottom line is this.....

    If your a team player (no matter what PIrate Hall level your goal is) many; yes many, guilds can offer improved performance, etc. it's really your call. If your a free loader then most guilds will have you walking the plank in no time.

    I myself have two accounts. A PH 8 level that I'm keeping as is and a PH 11 that will continue it's upgrades.

    If you or anyone like you is game, then check out Midnights recruitment thread. We offer both resource farming guilds as well as rumble based guilds. All you need to ask yourself is what's your perfeered cup of tea.

    Midoki did a great job at making guild membership beneficial for the team players. It's the guilds themselves that add additional rules of membership that should be considered before joining.

    Final thoughts, etc...

    Take the time necessary to research a guild and their established standards of game play, etc., makes all the differance in the world if you enjoy Plunder Pirates.

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    I sit in my basement all day :D No fun, no job. The minions cater to my every need :cool::D even had a bathroom installed down here so I don't have to leave the underground o_O LOL
  18. Sea Patriot

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    Naw, your guild has a rumbles round the clock, I believe it's somewhere in the Far East where I heard their Guild Ships auto reload
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    I think most of us can safely agree - without guilds (and the social/community aspect they bring) - there is very little likelihood we would still be happily playing 2-3 yrs after we started! :eek: :D
  20. Sea Patriot

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    100%! It took me some time to narrow down the type of guild I could fit into based on my schedule and what not. But we do need a guild in order to remain sane in the Plunder Pirate world.

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