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Discussion in 'Event Strategies & Discussion' started by MorganFlint, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    Posted in general, but moved it to this new tab. Thanks again @Lynsey [Midoki]

    Had a thought for an Event improvement: What would be nice is if each event had something "special", something new - like even a seasonal type outfit - just for the event, but maybe something special like a wall piece with extra powers or a perk you could add to one of your LP's. It does say on the FAQ page for the event that "...to gain rewards, some of which may be exclusive to the event".
    I know they mean the dapper/rumpled chests but maybe something more would boost incentive/participation :)

    More Guild Events would be nice, though I understand why some prefer individual ones.
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  2. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    I wish the Plunder Time event was not changed to require a win and tokens based on winning and loot. One can take a million in loot and get no tokens at all.

    It was so much more fun when we got to be creative looters instead of using the same old formula:

    1. Recruit 500k army
    2. Wait 45 minutes or spend 15 gems
    3. Find a base we can three star that will give us at least enough grog to recruit again
    4. Battle and collect tokens
    5. Repeat 100 times.

    Note: the above is a generalization - please do not take all the numbers as exact and flame on saying how your army is only 449k grog and you're so good you only have to repeat 50 times. That gets old too.

    If I am not mistaken this is the formula for Thunderstruck except I would add a 2.5: decide if I want to bother while it rains because I cannot see very well.

    The team events are great for guilds will 45-50 players. We were there once, but so many of our group have left the game now there is only hope of getting halfway. We are but 23 left and most not happy with our little pirate game any more.

    The team events for plunder time and thunderstruck take the above algorithm for game play and make it even worse.

    I vote to get rid of all the team events.

    I vote to get rid of plunder time too, since it is just thunderstruck calculated differently now.

    I vote to keep Thunderstruck, even though I absolutely hate it personally, because it seems to be the one event that took some serious effort to create with the changes based on weather. I applaud the effort put into it.

    I vote to keep Boggs, though it too is not exactly an exciting time re-exploring the same maps and attacking the same targets (which never pay what you want).

    Plunder Pirates is such a pretty game, and it is a game in which I invested a lot of money and time, so I keep hoping for more. I thought the exit from the Rovio clutch was going to give us something; I sensed that was what Midoki was saying at the time.

    Regretfully, if the next updates are just moving the prize farther away from all of us that have been playing for three years (new wall levels, for example) I feel many more will press the little (x) on the game icon.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    If i remember right, once i done the plunder event where we didn't need to win(Dec. 2016?)... that was nice. Cheep troops-gunners, the rum i got, i could use and send my pirates to school, it's not possible anymore. Almost nothing stays over...because of the expansive troops to get 1 or more stars.

    The sailing event is very boring! you can do nothing.... sometimes the game gives a warning if it is to dangerous, but mostly during the sailing event it doesn't. You send your ship on a 1-2 days trip... and the last one ... lost at sea... waiting for 2 days, you hope you get a lot of tokens and NOTHING. :mad:

    Team-events are nice, if all in the team participate, full guild... and Top-players, because the token amount is so high.
    We have many smaller ph's and they can't do so much. Under 18 years, no buying gems, smaller ships and so on.
    And i don't wanna leave my guild for better rewards in events. Many do so, i know.
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  4. peg-brain bob

    peg-brain bob Captain

    @Super-Nor I can fully appreciate your feelings about the new plundertime - since I am the complete reverse - hated the old one and really like the new one.

    Perhaps @Lynsey [Midoki] Midoki would consider including BOTH versions of plundertime in the events rotation cycle? (naturally give one of them a brand new name to avoid confusion.)

    It does seem a shame that a significant improvement :) for one part of the player-base... is also the removal of a well-liked feature for another part! :oops:

    Besides you can never have too much variety with the events (the reason why I personally really like the alternating guild/individual setup) - it all helps to keep them feeling nice & fresh. :)
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  5. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    It's very disappointing to see this all go down. I too had some hope when Rovio and Midoki parted ways.
    There are a lot of people here that have given some great ideas for new things or perhaps some tweaking of some old great features that just need a facelift. Little feedback from the game makers and the small or incomplete updates are not helping keep people interested. We are 3/4 through 2017. Idk what we are waiting for....I don't know what could be done to keep people playing. It seems like an impossible task to please everyone. I feel for Midoki a bit, but a lot is self-inflicted. Interaction with the players is really key imo if you wanna stay successful! By the end of the year if there isn't something signicant, there will be another mass exodus from the game I'm afraid :(

    Biggest complaints I hear are:

    Rumble matchmaking. Give opt in/out feature for individual players. Give guild options for quickest match or only match similiar sized guilds. That puts the blame on them if they have to wait. If they want a quick match, they take the chance of matching a full guild if they are only a half guild.

    Access to guild features in streak. Ability to chat or donate to your guild while streaking. Win streak only, losing a battle ends streak.

    Shortage of BP. Increase the amount for attacking and overall drops in chest, events, etc. This keeps new players going with the game and not quitting or rushing their ph above what they can afford to upgrade their Academy. Also max players still have something to do upgrading LPS. Many are quitting because they have no BP and nothing to do bedside LP upgrades.

    Length of the events. More variety and shorter events would be welcomed. Most people don't have 7 days in row to spend that much time on the game. It's tedious and most people lose interest after day 2-3 tbh.

    Duplicate outfits from events. Participating in a week long event, spending gems to finish, and getting duplicate outfits 5-6x in a row is not a lot of motivation for most people to keep repeating.

    Of course we all want new content, but I think if some of the basic features we loved about the game were tweaked, a lot of people would be happy.
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  6. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    Seems they listened to your group. Do you also feel this event is almost the same as Thunderstruck? I have the same dread for both and play no differently except in Thunderstruck I avoid the rain when I cannot see, and I look for slightly more loot during Plunder Time, though that is never a huge factor.
  7. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    I do see the similarity to Thunderstruck though the tokens make you focus more on loot heavy bases (which I already do anywayo_O). I prefer the guild events myself as they liven up the guildmates! :p
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  8. Dutchie

    Dutchie First Mate

    I have 4 maxed LPs, but 95k BP is preventing me from upgrading 5 LPs and the other 3 will hit more BP walls soon. I still need 381k BP to complete all the LP upgrades. I can see why some players quit...

    I got 1000 gems twice so far for duplicate outfits and less a couple of other times... I have about half of all the outfits but again something I will never complete.
  9. peg-brain bob

    peg-brain bob Captain

    Personally I find this event very different to Thunderstruck. I find Thunderstruck much easier!

    In Thunderstruck you are simply seeking the highest possible PP return, that you can 3*... whereas in Plundertime you are seeking the most loot & the highest PP, that you can 3*.

    During Thunderstruck I can simply play in the PR600s & find plenty of winnable bases giving decent tokens. Whereas during Plundertime I have found that most of the bases in PR600s (that have loot) - I can't 3*. I have been forced to drop & go for less PR - which means seeking even more loot to offset - thereby a whole heap of nexting!
  10. Taipanfan

    Taipanfan First Mate

    Midoki, if you're listening, Intimidator makes some great points and I agree with all. Shorten the events, and give more gems on a duplicate outfit if you can't give a new one.
    I like the win requirement in Plundertime now, but I think it only fair to have a version with a no win requirement for the farmers amongst us.
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  11. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    When there was no win requirement a player got to be creative in their attacks going for collectors and stores without having to spend 500k in grog and wait 45 minutes each time before the next attack. It is the creativity and doing something different than the same old attack routine (same thing over and over and over and over, just like Thunderstruck) that made Plundertime a unique and more fun event when it was introduced.

    The loot I take during Plundertime now goes for rearming and troops rehiring. In the past it was mostly left in the system for other players to loot from me since I have nothing to buy, and this may be a honest reason the win requirement was actually added - to remove resources from the game without people getting to upgrade anything. Seems the goal is to slow us down as much as possible.
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  12. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    I understand both opinions on the event (win required or not) and I do like being rewarded more for a win. However, Normally I attack for 3 stars if I'm farming or holding high rank. I usually only attack nowadays during a rumble or event because there is no other reason to do so otherwise. So this works with my play style at the moment. I can get loot, points and upgrade my remaining LPs (while BP last) simultaneously. I'm trying to conserve what gems I have left and don't see any need to spend 16-17 per attack and next 50x to hit a 1m each base at a high rank. Upwards of 700, there is plenty of gold but not much grog from those guys which is what I need. From rank 100-500 I can get loot for a mere 8-12 gems with my farm crew and a decent amount of 3 stars with modest points to boot. I have enjoyed trying to be crafty at stealing in the past. I mean 49% destruction, all loot taken and no shield is quite the kick in the pants lol. :D:)
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  13. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    It's important to remember that we have a lot of players, the vast majority of whom aren't active on the forum. However, we can see from our numbers that guild events are massively popular (more so than individual events, but we'll still be running those for the lone wolves!), and that the new version of Plunder Time is far more successful than its original iteration. As mentioned previously in other threads, the original version of Plunder Time created quite a few issues, which have now been sorted.

    Plunder Time and Thunderstruck are similar in that they both reward more skilful play (full destruction of bases = more tokens), but they do also have quite a few differences. Thunderstruck has the four hour on/off storms, which as well as being visually different, changes base layouts, increases the damage done by defences and Sky Raiders, whilst also reducing the hit points of defences - this changes the game play experience throughout the event, meaning that the way you'd tackle an island in the dry may be completely different to how you would during a storm.

    Plunder Time puts a heavy priority on loot, which means that you could potentially get more Tokens for getting a one star victory on a base where you've managed to plunder a lot of loot, than a three start victory on a loot-light island. So there's can still be an element of farming (although obviously you'll get the most Tokens for three starring the loot-heavy base), but just not the brainless 75 gunner taking out exposed resources that we saw in the original version (which led to a lot of players getting utterly drained from repeated attacks as it often wasn't enough destruction to trigger a shield, and also annoyed active Rumbling guilds and competitive players as it effectively penalised skilful play).

    We are currently looking at alternative solutions to getting duplicate outfits, and also to potentially providing different reward trees according to PH level or guild size.
  14. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    I, personally, would like to see an event where it snows on and off just like Thunderstruck rains on and off. One of the challenges in this event would be the sandy areas become icy and the green areas are packed with snow. This would require a new "Polar Pirate" that is capable of crossing such terrain.

    Also would like to see a "Snow Mode" where we can turn out Island on or off to snow (outside of the event, since it's snowing anyhow). Kinda like how we can turn our islands to "Night Mode".

    I kinda miss the snow, I grew up seeing snow every winter, lol
  15. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    Somehow I managed to receive a duplicate Viking outfit for Thunderstruck (I have only ONE). What are the odds? I only have maybe half of ALL the outfits in the game. Gems are great, but something different besides duplicate after duplicate each event would be nice too. It seems the randomness is heavily in favor of getting a duplicate rather than something you don't have imo.
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  16. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    In the Dapper Closet, the odds would be 1 in 24 - there's the 12 Voodoo Outfits, and the 12 Northern Outfits, and you have an equal chance of getting any one of them. There's no skewing towards particular outfits or duplicates.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    My older son got now again an duplicate for Blackbart(the 7500 reward). He has this outfit already, got it also in an earlier event as an duplicate and now again :rolleyes:.

    edit: But, i must say now, for the 1. time ever, i liked the Thunderstruck event! My pirates got much more stronger since the last Thunderstruck. This is the reason.
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  18. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    Thanks @Lynsey [Midoki] Although I wasn't really looking for a number. I just thought it was funny that the one new outfit i have I got a duplicate. I have crummy luck with a lot of things. No biggie. I do have all the voodoo outfits, which were purchased at a bargain price of 200 gems each i think...Tyvm! So that would explain why I tend to get a lot of dups I suppose.

    We do appreciate your patience with all of us. If I were you I would have told several people (including myself) to go take a long walk off a very short plank lol. We are bored to tears waiting for an update to be honest. There's nothing else to do besides gripe apparently. Good luck and I hope there is something new soon that will keep us busy for a little longer. ;)
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    yes, thank you Lynsey :)

    (sometimes) it's very frustrating for us, because we have great ideas(at least i think we do) :confused:

    but nothing happens... no changes or significant improvements(or to slowly in our opinion) or even comments from Midokis side, like yes or no, or we are looking what we can do, something like that :D

    Everybody have an nice day!

    We have sunny weather today in Middle-North Finland!
  20. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    A heat wave is sweeping the west coast in USA.
    I'd always liked to visit Scandinavia one day

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