The Future of Plunder Pirates. We want to know NOW.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Super-Nor, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Madhouse

    Madhouse Crew

    @Intimidator I feel your pain... At least 9 months without blackbeard for me:(
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  2. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Hey all! For anyone stuck on this thread and not feeling good about pirate life, have a look at today's update from Chris. :)
  3. Calabiyau

    Calabiyau Crew

    ContinĂșe this week! Tinto and Mac Kraken again!i love the invisible Legendary Pirates! Midoki you are the best, the game with the best rating drops of the world!
  4. Madhouse

    Madhouse Crew

    And still waiting......:confused:
  5. Calabiyau

    Calabiyau Crew

    Some players are waiting more than 500 days! :eek:
  6. Clemsrec

    Clemsrec Crew

    I've never seen it since a year I think..
  7. Madhouse

    Madhouse Crew

    And still waiting...... next week I'll have been playing a year ....:confused::eek:
  8. Calabiyau

    Calabiyau Crew

    Another week... is insane... more than a year :eek::eek:
  9. BBBD3000

    BBBD3000 Powder Monkey

    Chris' update is only mildly encouraging. Some sort of Christmas content. Great.

    This game is on its last legs and waiting until January might be too late.

    I've posted this on a few other threads, but a game Midoki should seek to emulate is Transformers: Earth Wars. They have events every single weekend. Some individual, some alliance.

    Simple additions like daily log in rewards should be a no-brainer. New maps. Separate taverns for plunder and exploration troops.
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  10. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    I have said a long time ago a separate tavern or something for attack and EP troops would be appreciated. I can't tell you how many times I'm too lazy to switch out troops so I can set sail again. Lol
  11. Calabiyau

    Calabiyau Crew

    Another week, another trade ship and Ching Shih is still disappear. I cant understand wich is the point, I'm tired of upgrade walls, is not funny, a totally waste of time. Do something please!
  12. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    Maybe they are waiting for xmas to release rarer LPs such as Ching or Blackbeard in my case. I did see Ching on the trade ship on one of my accounts the other week but I already have her. Just BB dodging my trade ship constantly :(
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  13. ksbirdman

    ksbirdman Powder Monkey

    This game has gone the way of the DoDo - extinct! The developer has made their money off you and has moved on. There has not been a major update in almost a year and once you reach PH 11 you are done. Their idea of a strategy game is poor at best. Allowing PH 11 to attack well below their abilities makes it no fun for new or up coming pirates making the game distasteful to most unless you dump gob loads of real cash to try and get everything upgraded to sustain an attack before higher PH's steal all your resources. Oh to people that don't understand fair play, when a persons PH is on the outside of their walls for an easy attack, you just destroy their PH and move on. These people are trying to save up resources to upgrade with. I have seen people in this game who put theirs outside their walls expecting the same consideration but then go steal an opponents resources. I have since moved on from this game because it is dead with no forseeable future. Hopefully the only ones who will be left are the people described above or ones who have hacked the game (what is the point of usings hacks in a game? You will end up maxing out way earlier than expected to what avail? So you can say you are the best at cheating a game? Here is your consolation trophy )
  14. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    @ksbirdman your views are not quite correct. PH11 update was a major update in terms of the game and this as deployed on the 24th August 2016 (roughly 4 months ago). Midoki have consistently released regular updates (some bigger than others) and this is clearly posted

    The ability of members to attack other members is about as fair as it can get without limiting resources too much. At the moment members are limited to 2 levels of PH above/below their current PH level. This is far better than the unrestricted free for all it used to be. I have always discouraged my lower guild members from upgrading too quickly and to ensure they are ready for what will come when they do rests that button.

    As far as fair play regarding attacking PH's left out.. "... and thirdly, the code is more what you'd call Guildlines than actual rules". This is a Pirate game after all! and yes, i've been farmed many times myself. Also, If you have any evidence, names of members cheating/hacking the game then Midoki would love to hear of this and takes a VERY strong and unforgiving approach to this; as proven in the past with a number of members.

    There are many aspects to this game and many members who still enjoy most of those aspects. In the end this is a long-term strategy game not an overnight hit. I feel this game and its members still have a lot to offer. Sorry you feel so jaded.
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  15. Dog Breath

    Dog Breath First Mate

    ksbirdman there is a link to a report from Chris at Midoki a couple of posts up, there are things planned.
    Being member of a guild that suits is a huge factor, if it wasn't for my guild where I am always learning and laughing I may have moved on from this game.
    714 days in and it is still an enjoyable experience
  16. kevedge001

    kevedge001 Crew

    Why do people continue to come on the forum only to bitch and moan??? "I'm done with the game, people keep stealing my gold and my PH was outside my walls". Boo Hoo. This is a god damn pirate game, if you've got loot I want I'm gonna try and take it. Maybe you should play anygry birds, then the bigger boys cant come and steal your sweeties. All this nonsense about putting your PH out, its pointless. Make your island as hard as you can, not give others free stars. If everyone had the same mentality about leaving their PH out this game really would get boring.

    Come on everybody, the future is looking bright. Lets all stop bitching about Midoki and get enthusiastic for th coming update. We all just got some nice free gems, lets look at the good, not constantly at the bad.
  17. Blueberry

    Blueberry Captain

    Hear hear :D
  18. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    It does seem to be useless to complain here expecting developer feedback, but @Ian in the above post was helpful in his reply.

    @ksbirdman it is very difficult to accumulate loot. These days my routine is to slowly increase rank over some time then loot cheaply and quickly until I get the funds I need, then spend it before it is taken. This requires devoting a long session of time to the game at once when looting. With some purchases requiring close to the full maxed stores this can be a couple of hours or more unless one spends gems to rapidly recruit.

    People complain here because they *think* it is monitored by people who have an interest in the customer. Many other companies have similar forums and provide customer interaction that cannot be obtained by sending an email. Of course when contacting a company one does not usually want to register praise - they want to describe a problem. I cannot think of a company that hires people to handle escalating praise.

    These groups do not only have complaints. I see a large number of posts that are not complaints. Those do not have developer feedback either generally.

    So the point is that at this time it would be wise to understand that these groups are peer-to-peer. One can ask a specific question about a game play issue and a helpful person is very likely to reply.

    Complaints here will get a few likes and "me too" replies and a lot of negativity instead of support. A complaint here is unlikely to change anything in our silly pirate game, but sometimes folks like to vent when they are frustrated and that should be understood by other players that want the game to succeed and not just discounted as irrelevant.

    My standard complaints will be noted here for my venting in tiny font: inter-guild competitions (at this time rumbles), BP/silo/LP upgrading, streaking
  19. Tiger Lilly

    Tiger Lilly Captain

    @ksbirdman...I'm sorry that you feel this away about game that is suppose to be about fun. I think you should keep in mind that these online games are businesses too. I know when businesses are created or developed often it is about making a profit, but isn't that human nature? Why create or design something and just give it away? I can't think of any businesses that promote that type of thinking. Online gaming is a big business and I'm sure very competitive. I don't even have a inkling of how many online games are available via all the types of electronic devices that are out there. Yes, sometimes I get frustrated and impatient with Midoki but in this case I'm not sure the squeaky wheel will get oiled. Perhaps a more diplomatic way with a different tone would be more beneficial for getting heard. I play other online games and some have small weekly updates, while others wait with bigger and more substantial updates. I know patience is a virtue but perhaps we all can practice trying to have a little more patience!!! After all I'm sure the developers and creators of Midoki (Plunder Pirates) have lives outside of this game as well.
  20. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    I'm sure I'll get some dislike for posting negative comments after the last few post, but here goes anyway. After maxing almost 2 accounts and over 700d of playing, I decided to make a baby island. After about 2 weeks on it I made it to ph5 so far with only spending a few gems on tavern rehires. Here are some things I notice. There has been very little thought put into the players just starting the game. There is literally nothing to do besides wait out upgrades and sail at this point. The balance of the game at the lower level is seriously out of whack. I know how much BP I will need for future upgrades but why would I raid for just the bp and lose all the resources? No point in streaking for BP from chest because stores are already full or maxed in less than 5 attacks and there is no room in the silo to save any of the mats. So once again wasted resources. Walls are maxed instantly after ph is finished. I finished academy training almost before the voodoo hut was even done upgrading. Sitting on max gold and soon to be max grog and waiting with nothing to do. Yawn. Not to mention in 2 weeks I've been attacked like 3 times with max resources.:( That is an eye opener for me where this game is at. We can all sit here and be happy with our maxed out bases and think about the time and money we have all spent getting here but where is the future?
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