[FAN GUIDE] Plunder Pirates - The General Tips & Tricks and FAQ Thread - Version 2.0.0 (Aug 21)

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    Great job the list
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    Thank you! xD
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    The previous version was so messy and hard to read, this version looks better and will be easy for me to alter in the future!
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    Ok I added some more notes and changed the way the thread looks. I also added some short notes about legendary pirates.

    Legendary Pirates & Heroes

    • As of update 2.0.0 the Legendary Pirates were introduced. These guys are very powerful and very unique compared to the regular pirate units. They are upgradeable for more toughness, damage, more effective buffs and stronger abilities. They are also customizable with many different visual outfits. For more details about their basic concept, simply press the FAQ button in the Legendary Fort menu or go to the FAQ section here on the forum. Links can be found down below.
    • As you probably noticed, these guys are not just for plundering enemy bases only. Each legendary pirate comes with different buffs that will boost certain buildings across your island when defending incoming attacks. For example, Romeo Boomer will at lvl 20 give a 11% damage boost to all your cannons across your island, and a 9% HP boost to your walls. This brings a whole new strategy to the table when it comes to defence, as you can adjust your base design and boost buildings of your choice by choosing the legendary pirate you prefer.
    • The legendary pirate you choose to be active will stand on top of your Legendary Fort. By selecting the fort and holding down the legendary buff icons, it will display and show you its current effect on certain structures. A beam will highlight which structures are affected by the buffs, so make sure everything is in range for the optimal outcome. Beware! If an enemy attacker destroys the fort you will lose all the buffs, so make sure you protect your Legendary Fort if it’s precious to you and your defense.
    • To upgrade your legendaries you must gather certain materials. This is where your Silo comes into play. Materials can either be found at sea or purchased with gems. If a chest is found or bought, interact with it to reveal the materials and they will be stored in your Silo for future use. If there is a specific material you’re looking for to collect or gather, simply click the ''train'' button in the Legendary Fort page, then tap or click on the desired material and an info page will pop up telling you what it’s used for and how to receive it.

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